Pulling out a YQH tea to drink while I go through Excel to see if I can manage to pay for some YQH to be in the 2018 Sheng Olympaid. Part of me struggles with not being able to do everything myself because I have up until recently with all the stuff in life going on… engagement ring and college, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. However, I love life so these little things are bumps to learn how to coast over : )
From the rinse I got an unexpected Smokey smell.
First steep came out and had slight smokey taste like beers that are finished in barrels… if that makes sense, like a faded aroma that comes off with a taste in the background. Liquid doesn’t seem thick until you drink it; it seems to like to stick around for a bit.
Second brew has the light from the door peering at me as the astringency is about to be gone… even though this is somewhat dry, the long lasting lip smacking taste is splendid.

Some number… I forgot to write. This is like a smoked leather wrapped plum that sat around for a bit. It hits pretty well to; for those who want to now what means, it feels good.
Great stuff, I’m just exhausted and don’t have it in me to write… hope August gets better!

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