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This is a very interesting tea. The first cup was smooth and quite light. It reminded me a bit of Joseph Wesley’s Bai Lin Congfu, only softer. I’m now on my second cup and it seems to have changed its tune a little bit.

The sip starts out rather savory and brisk. It seems to become a little bit sweeter and I detect some mild floral notes in the finish. There is something that lingers in the background that adds strength and astringency. It doesn’t take over, but is quite noticeable. I don’t seem to catch any smokiness which is definitely good news for me. I wish that it could be a little bit more sweet as I think it would make the tea more interesting, but it is still enjoyable.

Overall, I think that I liked the first cup a bit more, but this is a nice tea for the morning or for the afternoon when you need a little boost!

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I’m excited to try a tea that comes exclusively from Indonesia. Although the dry leaf isn’t the prettiest I’ve seen, the scent is sweet and strong. I have to fight the temptation to add milk since I have a feeling it would take milk beautifully. I do want to try this first cup plain to see what this tea is all about!

Sipping… this is so nice and sweet. I really enjoy how simple this cup is.. it’s sweet, smooth and generally a satisfying cup. There isn’t anything unpleasant that gets in the way — no smoke or bitterness. I could see this being a nice replacement for a morning Assam. I think I might try my next cup with milk, but it’s very nice without!

Thank you to Tea at Sea for a sample of this one.

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The scent of this tea is of strawberries, coffee and something a little like a cookie. As I’m sipping, I am reminded of strawberry wafer cookies. I used to love those and would eat them by the packet if I could.

The strawberry and “cookie” part of the tea is most noticeable. There is also a slight bitterness in the background that brings to mind that Orzo tea from Lupicia. I don’t taste a whole lot of chocolate, but I’m really enjoying the strawberry wafer + bitter, weak coffee notes.

This is certainly a tasty tea, I just don’t know if it qualifies as one of my favorites from Butiki. I will enjoy the rest of what I have, but am not sure if I would restock.

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The scent of this tea reminds me of buttered corn. It smells very rich and creamy! I can’t wait to see what this one tastes like… always eager to try a new milk oolong!

Sipping… this is so weird, but what I’m tasting is really buttered corn. It has that rich sweetness that corn kernels have, but a nice buttery background as well. What I like about it is that it’s on the sweeter end of things and not the savory. It’s not sugary like some other milk oolongs out there, but still retains enough of that sweetness to make the cup delicious. The entire sip is smooth and gentle. This is really tasty. I wouldn’t say that this is my favorite milk oolong in the world, but it’s buttery, unique and very enjoyable.

Thank you so much, Green Terrace Teas for a sample of this tea!

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drank Banana Dulce by Art of Tea
603 tasting notes

I think that I like this blend a bit more than I did about 3 years ago. It could be that I’ve become more fond of banana teas, but this one is very unique and yummy. I first taste the sweetness of the banana and it reminds me a little bit of a banana dessert with graham crackers, caramel and whipped cream. The finish is almost pure chamomile, gently floral. I can taste a little bit of the coconut in the form of something sour, but none of the lemongrass. It does get a little bit soapy, but I like the sweet banana too much to stop drinking. This is a nice blend to have in the cupboard when you want chamomile with something extra!

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I am trying out this tea with a longer steep time and I think I like it better than the suggested short steeping times. I’ve also realized that every time I’ve had this tea that the first steep is the best and that it slowly declines from there. In my experience, this happens for me most often with flavored oolongs.

I do enjoy the sugary, milky first cup and actually think it’s worth buying just for that. I think that this milk oolong is special because it’s soft, milky, sweet and the slightest bit leafy. I hope to bring out more of this flavor in second and third infusions to make this one a bit more affordable!

Cameron B.

How long of a steep did you do, and at what temperature? I’m trying really hard to like milk oolong. :P


mandala’s is the only milk oolong i really like..


Cameron B., I tried this particular cup at 195 F and 3 minutes!

Sil, Mandala’s is definitely a unique milk oolong and sort of sits by itself in terms of a unique flavor. :)

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drank Hello Sweetie by Butiki Teas
603 tasting notes

I remember trying a sample of this tea a while ago and not writing a tasting note because I gulped down the cup quickly without concentrating. Hopefully I’ll be able to slow it down with today’s cup! The scent of this tea is delicious! I smell crumbly cookies, bananas and coconut. The dry tea leaves are absolutely huge and a little bit creepy. They remind me a bit of twisted tree branches from a dark forest.

Sipping… mmmm! I first taste the banana. It’s a nice, very well-rounded banana flavor. Nothing fake about it! I love that I taste the sweetness from the banana, but the coconut also comes in and adds a sort of tart, sour flavor. This coconut I can tolerate because it’s very balanced with the banana and doesn’t become too overwhelming.

I taste a bit of biscuit next, sort of a shortbread flavor that adds a nice richness to the tea. I also love the assam base for this blend as it wraps everything up nicely and adds the slightest bit of astringency at the finish. I think that this tea would be really delicious with a splash of milk. I think I’ll try that next time as a creamy note would take this over the top! Such a tasty and unique tea!

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I’m excited to try this tea since I’ve read such amazing reviews about it. I’m always up for trying a new milk oolong, especially one that is so loved by the community.

First Infusion: I quickly steeped the leaves and they haven’t opened up much, so I suspect I’ll be getting a bit more flavor in the next few cups. It is faintly milky with a touch of peach and sugar. I think I really enjoy how this cup is delicate and rather light. I like how it’s on the milky side instead of the more savory and buttery end. I’m really excited to see how the next cups taste!

Second Infusion: The leaves have now really popped open and are nearly without their little curls. The scent is stronger for this cup, but is still very faint. It’s hard for me to pick out any individual notes with my nose. Sipping… still very nicely milky with the same faint peach notes. I find that I have to drink a lot of the tea at once to bring out the peach, but it’s tasty.

I’m interrupted at this point and can’t continue to steep this tea right now… but I will try again tomorrow! Overall, I really love the milky character of the tea and love how it’s delicately soft and not super buttery and overwhelming.

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drank Wuyishan Black by Steepster
603 tasting notes

I’m sitting here finishing up some studying and wanted to try a new cup of tea and write a tasting note to relax. This one sounded ideal as it’s supposed to be sweet and smooth. It smells sweet, a little bit tangy and very earthy.

Sipping… eh, I don’t know if I like this one. It’s smooth and quite sweet, but it has a sort of smoky hay note that I’m not fond of. The finish leaves a sort of sourdough tang in the back of your throat. It’s weird because the first part of the sip is very tasty… sweet and silky. It just changes so fast into that smoky hay flavor that it ruins the cup for me.

I can see this tea being a favorite of some as it does have a silky, smooth mouthfeel and light sweetness. My tastebuds just don’t seem to agree with this one today.


I was not a fan


Stephanie – glad I’m not alone in not enjoying this one so much. I feel like it had such potential to be awesome, but something was just off about it.

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The scent of this tea isn’t as interesting as other black teas I’ve had in that I can’t really pick out layers. It does smell very comforting and brings back memories of having black tea and milk with friends. I pick up on something that resembles lemon, as if someone has placed a slice of it on the side of the cup.

Sipping… this is a very nice, crisp tea. It’s got a lovely citrus brightness to it, but also remains true to it’s “black tea” flavor. I can see this being a nice morning cup of tea. It’s brisk enough to wake you up, but not so heavy and alarming as some other teas can be. So far, not my favorite from Joseph Wesley, but definitely a lovely and bright tea.

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