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I had my last cup of this tea and decided to add milk to see how it would taste. I don’t pick up on the caramel or chocolate flavors, but am tasting a weird coconut flavor instead. It’s not gross, but is just rather surprising. This coconut flavor isn’t super strong or sour, so it’s good for me as I’m not crazy about strong coconut. I wish that more of the caramel and chocolate came out with milk, but this tea is lovely either way. I’ll have to buy more of this in the future!

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I’ve had this tea for a while and decided it was an appropriate time to give it my full attention. The leaves are so soft, a little bit fuzzy and overall very pretty. The scent reminds me a little bit of sweet bread and beer.

Sipping… I taste dark chocolate, sourdough bread and maybe some lemon? I think I may have overleafed this cup, unfortunately. It definitely makes a bold cup, but I think I’m missing out on the softer flavors as a result of too much leaf. Silly me! This is certainly a tasty tea, although it’s not my favorite from Verdant.

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Giving this one a try as my afternoon study tea. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea to keep me going the past few days. I have a big exam coming up at the beginning of July and need to study like crazy. I’m not getting a whole lot from the scent of this tea, it’s a bit soft. I do detect some sweetness, but otherwise it seems to want to hide its character from me until I sip!

Sipping… interesting.. not a very strong flavor from the tea. I wasn’t expecting the tea to mirror the scent as much as it is. I’m picking up on grapes, sugar and something a little bit metallic in the finish. It’s light, but satisfying at the same time.

It’s not as gutsy as some of the other black teas out there, but this is such a nice, light tea that it is perfect for the summer or spring. You know those teas that are darker, richer and sort of weigh you down? This tea is definitely one that can be had all day, no matter the occasion. What a lovely brew for this afternoon!

Joseph Wesley Black Tea

Happy to read that you enjoyed the tea. Cheers, Joe

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Finally getting around to trying this tea. As a big fan of lemon dessert teas, I’m very excited to drink this cup! The scent of the dry leaf is wonderfully lemony and creamy.

Sipping… mmm. I like the strong lemon note and the pastry-like finish. There’s a very nice balance between the sweet and tart flavors. I also find the lemon to be a bit stronger than other lemon dessert teas and that’s just fine with me! There isn’t a strong creamy note which I think would have made this tea even more special. It is sweet enough, though, and has a pastry-like quality.

I guess I wish that there were more variety with these lemony dessert teas — they all end up tasting about the same to me. Well, this was a very good cup and I did enjoy the stronger lemon flavor in this one, so I think I can say that this takes a spot in my favorite lemon meringue/pie/dessert teas.

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drank Milk Oolong by SerendipiTea
603 tasting notes

The scent of this tea is much more green and floral than I was expecting. I hope that it offers something more than that in the flavor!

Sipping… I detect light flowers, sugar and raisins. This cup has a thicker mouthfeel, but it’s not necessarily buttery or milky which is what I look for in a milk oolong. I’m a bit disappointed. This is a drinkable oolong, though, if you like them to be on the greener and more floral side. I feel like it’s just not really milk oolongy enough for me. Oh well, onto the next!

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I’m writing this tasting note under this tea even though I think it might have a new name, “Dulce De Leche” — not sure if it has different ingredients, but I think it’s the same tea. I love the little caramel pieces in the dry leaf! The scent of this cup is very sweet with just a bit of oolong peeking out.

Sipping… I’m surprised that the flavor of this tea isn’t that strong. I do taste caramel and it’s a very nice round caramel flavor. It’s not only sweet, but has that buttery, milky character that makes caramels so delicious. I’m impressed that this flavor can be present in a tea! What I don’t like about this cup is that it’s rather drying and sharp. The oolong doesn’t really seem to contribute anything to this blend, only that drying quality with a hint of wood. Sad, because this tea has such potential to be delicious!

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I’ve been through a few pouches of this tea and am having my very last cup right now. Even though I’m a little bit less enthusiastic about this tea than before, it’s still pretty tasty. I wish that more creamy milkshake flavor were in this tea, but it is a nice strawberry and honeybush blend. Now I’ve got to track down another yummy milkshake rooibos or honeybush blend!

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I’m trying to make some progress on drinking some of my tea collection. I bought myself some special teas to celebrate graduating from college last Friday and my shelves are on the verge of exploding. I have so many teas to drink! Many of them aren’t even opened, but are just waiting until I drink a bit more and make room. I have a little bit of this Milk Oolong sitting around and it would be nice to finish it off sometime soon.

The scent of this tea is buttery, green and floral. It smells like a typical milk oolong, if I am to be honest. Sipping… oh, I like this one. It’s sweet, buttery and very smooth. I like how the floral notes are toned down a little so the buttery character can take center stage. This one is delicious! It lacks some of the peachy notes that I can sometimes get from other milk oolongs, but I am loving the simplicity of this one. The sweetness is so very nice.

Well, now I’ve gulped down this cup and find myself wanting to save what leaf I have left. It’s always a nice surprise when you aren’t expecting to enjoy a tea that much and end up loving it instead. Mmm.

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While this cup was steeping I was surprised to smell something very, very green — almost like freshly picked leaves. It’s a little unnerving for me since it’s not the most pleasant smell, but I have a feeling there will be other flavor notes besides the “green” that dominates the scent.

Sipping… luckily, I do like this taste more than leaves! It starts off crisp and green, but then offers up a delicious sparkling sweetness. The finish is vegetal, though I detect flowers and minerals, too. The nutty note is rather light for my tastebuds. I’m glad that I’m enjoying this one more than I thought I would. There are other greens that I like more, but I’m happy to have given this one a try!

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I’ve had a cup of this hot and a cup iced (not both of them tonight) and I think that I like this tea iced more. Maybe when the weather gets cooler I will like it hot, but this was a cool sweet treat. When this blend is iced it becomes so much more creamy and the chocolate really pops. The mint has the last word, but it’s not terribly sharp which I appreciate. The rooibos stays in the background and adds a nice smooth touch to the cup. I find that the rooibos is much stronger when it’s hot and it sort of smothers the chocolate and mint (both aren’t completely lost, but they’re much softer). I never would have thought to try this one as I’m a little weary of mint, but I’m quite glad to have had a taste thanks to jump62359!


Wow. I’m like the complete opposite! I found that the rooibos comes out more when it’s cold, rather than hot. I enjoy most of my rooibos hot! I have plenty of this tea so I’ll probably make a cold brew later this week :)


I may have been distracted by the milky chocolate flavor that I got when it was cold. :) A very nice cup either way, though!

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