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drank Rooibos Garden by Art of Tea
603 tasting notes

I didn’t know if I should add this to my most recent order with Art of Tea, but it seemed like I should just give it a try. As much as I like rooibos, it seemed like this blend wouldn’t be all that special. I definitely taste sweet, woody rooibos, but there is something fruity that I can’t seem to identify. I can sort of pick out mango and some kind of tropical fruit if I try, but it’s really just a general kind of artificial fruit punch flavor. I think this is a very interesting combination to try with rooibos, but it doesn’t sit well with my tastebuds.

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drank Melon White Tea by Lupicia
603 tasting notes

Mmmm.. this tea is just what I needed this afternoon! It’s light, crisp, refreshing and most importantly, with a sweet & juicy melon flavor! This cup, compared to Lupicia’s other melon teas, is more evenly balanced. It seems like there is enough melon for me to enjoy, but the white tea base isn’t lost. The white tea is crisp, a little bit minty and sweet. My usual problem with many of the melon teas out there is that the melon isn’t strong enough, but it’s just right with this blend. Thank you SO much, jump62359 for sharing some of this with me! I am beyond pleased to have been able to try this. Delicious!


Ahh apologies that the sample was fairly small!
Next time I go to Lupicia, I’ll probably get another pack so I can send you a decent sample size :)


No, no! I am very happy to even have the chance to try it! It’s been on my list for a while. Thank you!


Of course! It’s my pleasure :)

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I have some of this tea left from last year’s harvest. I remember setting it aside because I wanted it to last. I’m trying to drink down a lot of my collection now because I have so much to drink before I buy anything more.

This one brings back the same flavors of soy milk, snap peas and grass. Mmm.. such a unique green tea with different notes. There really isn’t anything like this in my collection which is why I drink it little by little and have some on hand if at all possible. I admit that I have to be in the mood to drink it, but it really hits the spot.


yum, I love laoshan green :)

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drank Caramel & Jasmin by Fauchon
603 tasting notes

I was surprised to see little caramel squares and jasmine flowers in this blend. Well, you might think, “duh.. it’s caramel & jasmine!” but I was expecting more of a plain blend without the chunky flowers and caramel… nice! The scent of this tea is lovely — sweet jasmine and buttery caramel.

Sipping… oh, I like this! It’s heavy on the jasmine, but not so much that it becomes stinky or gives me a headache. The caramel follows closely behind and offers a lingering sort of sweetness. I also get a little bit of something like vanilla ice cream in the finish. Yum! The base is interesting… more green than black for me. Not astringent, but not terribly smooth either… something in between. Quite a nice and sweet tea. A good choice for when you can’t decide between flowers or dessert!

Sami Kelsh

I’d never have thought of putting these flavours together, but ohh, I like the sound of this!

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I love the name of this tea despite not being crazy about walnuts. Actually, I take that back.. I like walnuts when they’re in baked things – chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, oatmeal cookies. On their own, I’m not crazy about ’em. Anyway, back to the tea! The scent of this is of a rather tame green tea – smooth, only a tiny bit grassy – and walnuts. When I say walnuts, I mean the whole darn thing including the shell. I can smell the bitter skin and starchy inside. Wow!

Sipping… hm, not as bitter as I was expecting. The green tea is light, very smooth and actually the sweetest part of this cup. The rest of the sip is pure walnut which is overwhelming, but quite impressive. I actually don’t mind this tea, but I wish that there were something layer cakey about it. To me, it’s a walnut and sencha blend, with no other flavors. If someone adores walnut, I can see this being a top choice. Thank you, KittyLovesTea, for this one. I’m quite glad I got to try it and will finish the cup!

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This tea smells like a lighter pancake breakfast with an oolong base. Pancake breakfast is one of my favorites, so I’m pretty excited to see what this tastes like! I also smell some cheesecake that’s hidden itself away behind everything else. I’ve found that the cheesecake tends to be in the back in most of the cheesecake blends I’ve had, so no surprise there!

Sipping… I taste a light maple note followed by the oolong and ending with a light cheesecake. It’s frustrating because this tea has so much potential.. oolong + maple + cheesecake = something delicious, but it’s so light that it’s really like a whisper of what it should be. The oolong is smooth and blends well with the other flavors. The maple is sweet and lacks that starchy character that the Pancake Breakfast blend has. The cheesecake note is very light and only contributes to that tangy bit.

I feel bad giving this blend a lower rating because it’s yummy, but the everything is so light and muted that it’s not really worth drinking. I’d like to reach for something stronger & more full of flavor instead.

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This one has been on my list for a while. Thank you for swapping some of this tea with me, ToiToi! I haven’t had a chance to taste this tea until now! The initial sip of this tea is thick and reminds me of liquor and raisins. The tea base is a bit more brisk than I expected from Lupicia. I taste a bit of chestnut flavor towards the end of the sip, but it’s blending with this dark raisin/berry note. The finish is of the black tea base (a little smooth, drying, a tad burnt-tasting) and something artificial. I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed in this tea only because I was expecting such a nice chestnut flavor from the other reviews.


I liked their green chestnut tea a little better.


Dustin- I’ve thought about giving that one a try, but I’m worried that it might taste the same to me. What do you like more about the green chestnut?


I love the green chestnut but haven’t tried this.


I like that greens are lighter. Chestnut is a delicate flavor to come through in a tea and I feel like the black base doesn’t give it enough room to shine. If it was paired with something heavier like chocolate, I can see black being a reasonable base to choose, but on it’s own it needs something milder.

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I’ve stated before that I’m not the biggest fan of Golden Moon Tea. I want to like their teas, but they haven’t really played well with my tastebuds in the past. I know that my tastes and preferences for certain teas do change occasionally, so I’m giving this one another go. The scent of this tea after it’s steeped is of an earthy, toasty oolong with a hint of caramel or sugar. I pick up on some of the grassy, almost marine-like character of the oolong, but it seems to twist itself around the buttery caramel scent at the same time giving me the impression of a candy shop by the sea or at the zoo. The sea sounds so much more romantic, but it truly could go either way!

Sipping… this is a very smooth oolong with floral and wood notes being most prominent for me. I also taste a bit of something fruity — perhaps cantaloupe? It’s like the rind of a melon, only not so bitter. I can see why this is called caramel oolong in that the wisp of caramel sweetness comes out towards the end of the sip. I find that I have to look for it though and wish that it were stronger and sweeter.

This is a decent tea that is subtle and is best when you can fully concentrate on all of the flavors that it has to offer. Definitely bumping up my aged rating although this isn’t a favorite.

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drank White Rhino by Butiki Teas
603 tasting notes

I smell hay, milk and some kind of apricot jam in this tea. Mmm.. I can’t wait to see how this tea tastes if I can detect so many different layers with my nose!

Sipping… I’m pleased to taste the apricot and hay first. I also find a little bit of orange that fades into a light astringency and tingling sensation on the tongue. The finish is smooth, almost minty, and light. This is a very refreshing cup that has more elements than I’ve ever tasted in a plain white tea before. It’s not my most favorite cup of white tea, but for an unflavored cup, it’s certainly lovely.

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I was very surprised to pop open this pouch to find that this tea smelled like roasted seaweed. It’s not fishy, but is definitely reminiscent of dried seaweed pieces. The leaves are tightly curled and very dark. So pretty! After the tea has steeped, I’m smelling much more of a roasted note with a bit of bread and seaweed in the background. There is also a touch of smoke, but it’s quite subtle.

Sipping… this is a very smooth tea. I suppose in my experience, the roasted oolongs I’ve had have been a bit more astringent and sharp. This one is quite nice. The flavor reminds me of toast that has been almost burned mixed with a heavy earthy note, minerals and salt water. The finish is smooth with just a tiny bit of grassy sweetness. I can see why this was called “Dark Chocolate Oolong,” but I think the new name is much more fitting as I personally don’t taste much dark chocolate. This was a very interesting cup for this afternoon, but not one that I will repurchase.

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