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I’m excited to be trying this tea for the first time. I don’t have to get up early tomorrow morning so I can treat myself with some caffeine tonight! The dry leaf smells a bit like those fish food flakes. I actually don’t mind it, but it was a bit of a surprise!

First infusion: It has a nice and mellow scent with no fishy notes at all. I mostly taste a kind of sweet wood. It is almost a little like a mild black tea. I detect a little bit of honey sweetness at the end of the sip. I like the earthy flavors of this first cup. Wood and flowers.

Second infusion: This tea is still rather mellow. Nothing really sticks out at me until the end of the sip when I taste some peachy flavors. I love peach notes in oolong teas! Yes, the flowers are still here as well as a very, very faint presence of bread.

I will update with more information if I continue with more infusions. I’m pretty exhausted from today so I’m not sure if I will continue sipping tonight. I think this tea is fine and reasonably tasty, but it leaves me wanting more flavor.

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
603 tasting notes

I really, really love this tea. I don’t know how I could have nearly missed all of these wonderful flavors before. The dry leaf smells of deep, dark chocolate. I also detect bits of warm bread. YUM.

This tea is an absolute necessity in my cupboard. I ordered some of this tea perhaps no longer than a week ago.. and I am already running low! I could drink this tea all day long and very few teas have the ability to inspire such a craving. Laoshan black is rich and deeply satisfying. Delightful!

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The first few sips remind me of broccoli and grass. A bit bold for an introduction! It’s much greener tasting than other milk oolongs I have had in the past. The sip fades into a smooth floral note — quite tasty! This finish reminds me a little bit of Life in Teacup’s Bai Ya Qi Lan oolong tea.. but not as light and fluffy.

Second infusion offers many more floral flavors. As I’ve mentioned before, I am terrible at identifying specific flowers.. but these are sweet and yummy!

I’m surprised to see this tea is a milk oolong because it really isn’t that creamy or milky to me. It’s unique and tasty, but wasn’t exactly the milky cup I wanted this evening.

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drank Laoshan White by Verdant Tea
603 tasting notes

This is such a pretty tea! I haven’t seen a tea with leaves like this.. it’s fluffy, curly, thin.. so nice. I’m tasting snow peas paired with a bit of butter and floral notes in the background. I have to admit that white tea isn’t exactly my favorite thing to drink. It’s a little astringent and flat unless it’s very flavored. I’m sure that others who enjoy white tea more would appreciate this one. I will still finish drinking this cup, but won’t purchase more.

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I think it’s interesting that my tea cravings change as the weather gets cooler. Well, the summer isn’t over just yet and I think we still have some hot days on the way.. but I like to think that things are changing. These days I am craving darker, richer teas – Yes, at all times of the day and night!

The tea itself is pretty thick in the mouth. It’s not creamy, but just heavy. I like this quality.. it’s almost like a comforting, chunky sweater! I am enjoying a lot of the sweetness that lingers on my tongue. The taste is leathery and a bit like wet hay. I taste a tinge of pepper as well. There is also an interesting salty note that certainly doesn’t overwhelm the cup, but makes it more interesting instead. I wish I could detect something that resembled caramel.. but it’s not to be found.

This isn’t my favorite black tea, but it definitely satisfies my craving for the moment. I see this as something that would be perfect to drink this winter when the thick snow is falling from the sky. It’s bold, dark and rich!

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After I had read all of these raving reviews for Red Leaf’s matcha, I knew that I had to try one to see what the buzz was all about! Matcha, in general, has been on my shopping list for a while. I had wanted to try plain old matcha, black matcha and red matcha. After seeing these flavors and the different matcha options, I knew that now was the time to try a flavored red matcha!

If you’ve followed me for a while here on Steepster, you’ll probably know that while I do enjoy green, white and black teas, my main love of tea sits with oolong and the herbal rooibos. There have been a few rooibos teas that I’ve tried and that have tasted far too much like medicine (those teas leave me hesitant to try rooibos from new places). The kind of rooibos I like is creamy, almost with a hint of vanilla, rich and with a little bit of that drying wood flavor.

I ordered a small size of the French vanilla matcha with a red matcha base. The flavor strength I picked was “robust” – I like my tea to be with LOTS of flavor! When I opened the packet, I noticed that it didn’t smell much like rooibos. The scent actually reminded me a little bit of those pina colada LifeSavers. It wasn’t too powerful… but was actually a little bit muted.

When the hot water hit the matcha, that’s when the rooibos scent really came to life. Wood with just a little bit of sweetness! Sipping now… the rooibos isn’t as strong as I expected, but it’s smooth and sweet. It’s nice, but lacks a lot of dimension.

What I find to be most strange is that I do not taste any French vanilla. It seems like all of the flavor is in the actual texture and finish of the tea. I suppose I get some sort of creaminess during the actual sip itself… there is a little bit of a sweet flavor that fades quickly at the end… but it doesn’t scream vanilla to me. Hmm.. this makes me a little bit sad.

This matcha isn’t bad, but I was expecting so much more. Maybe I picked the wrong matcha base for this particular flavor or maybe the red matcha is just a little bit stronger…? I do want to try more matcha in the future, but maybe a different flavor and base.

If you are interested in trying this matcha, here is the link to purchase: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/french-vanilla-matcha.html

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The scent of this tea is incredible! It’s all about peaches… still fuzzy, very ripe, juicy (maybe sweetened) peaches! P-E-A-C-H-E-S. Really, I feel like I’m sitting in a nice bin of plump peachy fruit! There is a bit of green oolong in the background, but that doesn’t overshadow the fruit at all.

The taste is a tiny bit disappointing. It’s not that the peach isn’t there, it’s just that the scent had me expecting that I would be bombarded with it. The peach is more in the background and the oolong pulls to the front. The oolong is rich and full – tasty on its own. I find that most of the peach is at the end of the sip. The finish is juicy, sweet and tart just like the real fruit!

What I also enjoy about this tea is that it seems to be natural and clean. It doesn’t seem artificial in the slightest. Thank you Will Work For Tea for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this tea! I’ll have to place an order with Lupicia soon!

1 min, 30 sec

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This tea smells brilliant! It’s mostly graham cracker that I smell, but I detect the tea base that kind of morphs into this delicate chocolate note. Sipping… there is definitely more flavor in the aftertaste than in the actual sip itself. The finish is graham cracker… spot on! I’m not tasting much chocolate or marshmallow, but I’m very impressed that a slightly sweet graham cracker can be tasted in a tea! Yes! The rest of the sip is uneventful, but smooth. Really I’m just drinking it for that crumbly, honeyed aftertaste.

Big thanks to Indigobloom for sharing some of this tea with me. I’m thrilled that I got to try it! It’s the perfect, comforting tea that I need this evening.

3 min, 0 sec

glad you like it! the graham cracker taste comes and goes I find.


Thanks again! I am really bummed that Teaopia is no more.. and that this tea is gone!

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I was a little nervous before taking a sip because the scent is a little strange. I’ve had weird experiences with banana teas — usually they end up tasting like banana runts, completely artificial and overwhelming. It doesn’t have the best smell, but the taste is another story! This tea is creamy and sweet. I love that the banana doesn’t overwhelm the cup, but that you can actually taste the oolong in the background. The first thing I taste is the banana (not terribly heavy, but still present) followed closely by the oolong. The finish reminds me of big banana leaves with little flowers — smooth, bright and creamy. This is a very yummy and refreshing cup of tea!


I completely agree, bananas in tea for me as well always tastes artificial and overwhelming (so far). But in this tea, the banana actually works.


Yeah! I was very surprised! :)

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The rest of my weekend is filled with a bunch of studying for a big exam on Monday. This cup of tea is keeping me company while I work! The dry leaf smells incredible… a deep berry scent. It’s really beautiful and reminds me of something from my childhood. The fruit flavors are not overwhelming and mix nicely with the light tea base. There is a bit of a tart finish. I’m not sure if this is from the fruit or the tea leaves… but I don’t mind. This is refreshing and sweet! It’s a gorgeous tea that is just perfect for a summer night!

3 min, 0 sec

Good luck on your exam!!


Thank you! :)

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