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This tea is refreshing, clean and sweet. It pairs perfectly with the pouring rain this afternoon. I need something bright! It’s very floral (I’m always terrible with identifying specific flowers) and more astringent than I expected. I wish there were more buttery notes.. in fact, I can’t really taste any in this cup. It’s nice, but there are other oolongs that are smoother and more enjoyable for me.

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
603 tasting notes

Mmmm. It’s raining this evening and that means that I can FINALLY have a cup of hot tea! I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Paris blend! Many thanks to Will Work For Tea for sending me some in a swap! The tea is sweet with just the slightest bit of astringency. I am reminded of berries with a dash of sugar. Lovely, sweet and rich.

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I haven’t been drinking too much hot tea lately because of the hot weather, but today was just a little bit cooler. I wanted a tea without caffeine as I have an early morning tomorrow and this one seemed like a good choice. I think that this is my favorite basic vanilla rooibos tea. It’s very easy to find at the store and I don’t have to pay any expensive shipping as a result. A good cup!

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drank Passion by Tazo
603 tasting notes

[Backlog] – I’ve had this tea quite a few times now (iced more often than hot). I think it’s best when it’s sweetened and iced. Without sweetener, it’s not all that special — tart & lacking a deep kind of flavor. It’s not a spectacular tea, but it’s actually one of the only Tazo teas I like. I might have to buy more of this tea to ice now that the weather is getting hotter.

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First Steep: Color is a bit like a glass of white wine. This is smooth and very bright. The primary flavor is floral, but it’s paired very nicely with a clean and fresh note. There is a very faint sweetness towards the end of the sip. Yummy!

Second Steep: Darker yellow with more of a buttery scent. It’s not overwhelmingly buttery, but it’s definitely present. Floral notes are heavier as well.

Third Steep: Buttery scent has disappeared and now it’s all about those floral smells! Smooth, but more astringent. I imagine a big, fluffy flower that unfolds with each sip.

Fourth Steep: I’m not getting a large difference from my last cup. It feels a little bit heavier on the tongue, but otherwise I am just tasting mellow floral notes.

This is a nice oolong tea to have when you aren’t craving something more specific. It’s enjoyable… I wouldn’t go out of my way for this tea, however. There are other oolongs that I like more, but this hit the spot this afternoon.

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drank Birthday Cake by DAVIDsTEA
603 tasting notes

It seemed like just the other day that I ordered 50g of this tea.. and I am nearly out! I will have to reorder some of this… it’s very yummy. This tea is not very consistent in the cake tones. There are some moments when I get a lovely flavor of cake.. specifically yellow cake (buttery, sweet, rich — my favorite!) and other times when I just taste maple syrup. Oh Canada from DavidsTea was not very enjoyable and this tea is, at times, almost too close to that one! It won’t stop me from ordering more.. I love dessert rooibos blends & think that this is a solid choice to have in the cupboard. I only wish there was more cake and less of a strong maple flavor!

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First Steep: Very floral flavor that morphs into a nice sweetness.

Second Steep: A flavor that reminds me of apple peel with a tiny pat of butter. It’s sort of like prepared baked apples before the apple is actually baked. The floral flavors are definitely toned down, but still sit nicely in the background. I’m hitting an almost hidden spice note. It’s very light.. something like a dust of cinnamon.

I seem to be stopping at two steeps lately.. I wish I could keep sipping tea, but I need to head off to bed. Yes, I did enjoy this tea, but it’s not a favorite of mine. I am very happy that I got to try it! Thanks, Meeka!

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drank Pink Flamingo by DAVIDsTEA
603 tasting notes

I was expecting this tea to be fruity, but my mom and I both bounced back after smelling the bag. I don’t think we were expecting it to be so invigorating! I can smell the hibiscus, a bit of the orange and lemongrass. The herbal note in the background leaves me a little bit worried, but I’ll sip and see how it goes!

Wow! The first part of the sip is definitely very, very tart. I actually enjoy it because it fades into a kind of tender sweetness and finishes with the eucalyptus. This tea is very flavorful and bright… it makes my mouth wake up and cartwheel around my face… Well, not actually. The cup is simply invigorating.

I don’t think I’d buy more of this tea in the future only because there are others that I like more. I would like to try this iced and possibly sweetened.


definitely chill it. I can’t stand sour teas when they are hot. chilled, they are uber refreshing. I don’t know why I said uber.

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drank Tropicalia by DAVIDsTEA
603 tasting notes

This was a nice cup of tea, but was very heavy on the coconut flavor. I like coconut in tea, but this was a little too strong. There was a pleasant creaminess in the background, but I couldn’t enjoy it because I was distracted by all of that coconut! I would say that this does taste like a piña colada— perhaps it’s not my kind of flavor!

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drank Perfect Pear by DAVIDsTEA
603 tasting notes

I have been having the worst craving for pears today. They’re not necessarily the fresh ones either, but ones that are soaked in syrup.. Mmm. This tea is interesting! I do notice a soft pear flavor. It’s light and delicate. There is also a tiny bit of vanilla sweetness, but that’s towards the end of the sip. The strange thing is that there is an overwhelming tart flavor that makes this taste a bit like hot sour cream or cottage cheese & fruit. It sounds disgusting, but it’s truly what I taste. If the vanilla and pear could be more pronounced without that tart flavor, this tea would be lovely!

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