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I love the name of this oolong. It sounds delicious!

First Infusion: Lightly buttery, clean & fresh. Very smooth, not astringent in the slightest.

Second Infusion: Stronger butter scent. Floral notes are definitely coming through now. Not as smooth as the first infusion. Flavors are more floral and with a little bit of bite.

Third Infusion: Still a bit astringent. The dominate flavor is of flowers, but with something like buttered greens in the background. Quite tasty!

I am going to stop steeping now, only because dinner is on the way. This is a very fresh and clean tasting oolong with nice floral flavors. I prefer a bit more milky/buttery notes in my oolongs, but drinking this tea gets me in the mood for spring!


I do love this Oolong. One of the very best Alishan Oolong Teas I’ve ever tried.

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I very much like this tea – it’s creamy, smooth and silky. There is a strong vegetal taste, mixed with mineral and nutty notes. I’m reminded a bit of apple skins and very diluted milk. The floral component hides in the back of the sip and peeks out towards the end. This is a very tasty oolong! Thank you to Teavivre for a sample! I will be adding more of this to my next order.

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This tea smells grassy, nutty and strangely, a little bit like cigarette smoke. It’s smooth and grassy in flavor. I wish I tasted more of the milky note the description mentions. I’m always after that milky taste in teas!

I don’t think there is anything very unique or special about this tea, but it’s a nice end to the day, especially after having so many Easter treats!

Thank you to Tommy the Toad for a sample.

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drank Chestnut by Adagio Teas
604 tasting notes

Mmmm.. I received this tea in a swap from Tommy the Toad (THANK YOU!) and while it was waiting in my room, I was incredibly tempted by the scent. It was sweet, nutty and just calling to be made into a cup!
This tea offers such a unique taste! There is a definite roasty element and I’d say that it slowly morphs into a maple-like sweetness. So good! I can absolutely detect a chestnut-like character to the tea. I feel like I’ve eaten a soft, fleshy, sweet chestnut. It’s starchy, a little buttery, perhaps a little smoky. The flavor fills the back of the throat and lingers on the tongue. The Adagio black tea base normally seems a little astringent and bold to me, but it’s smooth in this blend. This is one of Adagio’s best flavors, I think. Yum!

3 min, 0 sec

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I was in the mood for this tea tonight. I typically don’t crave floral black teas, but it just seemed to fit. I like the scent much more than the actual taste. It smells like a rich jasmine tea paired with a lingering creamy vanilla.
The beginning of the sip is sweet and floral (where’s the vanilla?), but then seems overwhelmed by the tea base. The finish is dry and astringent and it washes away any memory of initial sweetness. Sad.
I still have a few more Golden Moon samples to try and I just don’t know if I want to drink them. I have been disappointed with their tea cup after cup.

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This tea is disappointing, not because I have very high expectations for this particular blend, but because I enjoy The Tea Spot. This one just didn’t live up to other Tea Spot teas I’ve had. The black tea base is smooth, but a bit bland. The caramel flavor is more of that burned sugar taste, not the rich, buttery caramel I’m looking for. The finish is a little nutty and only slightly astringent. It reminds me a bit of a stale cookie. Yuck.

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The scent of this tea is a little strange. It’s a bit like a berry bush, but with leaves and roots included. I’m glad that the taste is not as weird. It takes a moment for the flavor to develop on your tongue. Tangy, earthy and fruity. I’m a little disappointed that the flavor doesn’t taste like true pomegranate to me. I detect familiar flavors that I’ve tasted in Harney’s other fruit teas.. it reminds me of Cherry Blossom, but more earthy. Definitely drinkable, but not the best.

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drank Milk Oolong by thepuriTea
604 tasting notes

I’m having another cup of this tonight! The leaves smell beautiful – sweet, green and fresh! What I love about this tea isn’t necessarily its milky/creamy quality, but its light peachy flavor. I detect more fruity and leafy notes – it’s like a refreshing, light summer dessert. If I look for it, I can almost find a bit of milk in the background, hiding behind fuzzy peach skins. This is one of the prettiest, but maybe not the creamiest, milk oolongs I’ve tried.

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As you know, I get very excited over tea.. especially over blends that I’ve been dying to try. Mandarin Silk Oolong is just one of those teas that has been on my shopping list forever. The scent is gorgeous, just as I imagined it would be. It’s smooth, a little bit creamy and sweet. I have noticed that I sometimes get the silky mouthfeel with this tea, but not with every cup. The mandarin flavor comes out as an almost undetected tartness towards the end of the sip. I very much like this tea, but realized that it took me a few cups to reach this conclusion. My first few cups left me unimpressed, but changing the water temperature (from around 190-185 to about 175) helps the creamy and sweet notes come out. I am not sure how this compares to Art of Tea’s Mandarin Silk. I would be interested in trying and comparing both!

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drank Red Rocks by The Tea Spot
604 tasting notes

This tea has grown on me and has moved up a few points. It’s still not my very favorite vanilla rooibos tea, but lately it’s been smooth and just perfect before bed. I’m almost finished with the tin and probably won’t purchase again, but I’m happy to have enjoyed many cups!

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