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I was going to have this tea the other night, but I fell asleep after I made my cup.. so no apple strudel for me! Tonight I’m giving it another try and hopefully I’ll sip before I fall asleep!

The scent of this tea reminds me a little bit of stewed apples. I love this smell and it weirdly brings back memories for me. Sipping… the start of the sip starts out not tasting like much.. perhaps a little bit of a watery rooibos? I taste a bit of sweet, stewed apple next. The finish is where the cinnamon pops a bit more. I really love that the cinnamon isn’t spicy, but adds that lovely sweetness you’d get on top of an apple crumble or a baked apple. The combination of the two is spot on! I’m missing out on the pastry bit of the blend, but the apple-cinnamon combination is tasty enough to appease me.

I can see myself ordering more of this in the future since it’s different from any other apple or rooibos blend in my collection. Happy to have tried this one!

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I love a good lime tea and I especially love the combination of lime and something creamy. This blend smells quite strongly of lime and just a hint of something sugary.

Sipping… Everything in this blend works so well together! From the white tea base to the lime and marshmallow… they’re just perfect together. The marshmallow softly hugs the lime, but doesn’t take over. I’m so glad that BOTH the lime and the marshmallow can be detected especially because marshmallow can be hidden a lot of the time! The white tea base is a great choice since it sits quietly in the background lending just a hint of smoothness. Yum!

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I was looking for a tart tea and I certainly got it this evening! Hmm.. There is definitely lemon here, but it’s shadowed by hibiscus. I don’t think the lemon is the lemon that I prefer, but it’s a decent lemon flavor if you’re in a pinch. As much as I wish this tea had more flavor beyond plain lemon and hibiscus, it was definitely what I wanted this evening and I could see myself picking up more just to have a tart tea on hand.

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I’m very excited to try this tea since the combination of cocoa shells and a milk oolong interests me. Peppermint isn’t as exciting for me, but I’ll deal with it. When I opened the bag, I was overwhelmed by all that peppermint! It’s incredibly strong. I don’t even really detect any oolong or cocoa shells in the scent.

Sipping… I was expecting this tea to be sharp, but it’s actually quite smooth. The cocoa flavor comes through stronger than I was expecting which is just lovely! I can’t say that it’s a strong chocolate flavor, but one that is specific to cocoa shells.. I’m not sure how else to describe it. The peppermint is definitely present – a little bit stinky and lingering, though. I can’t taste the oolong at all, sadly.

I do enjoy the combination of peppermint and cocoa shells, but I wish that the milk oolong would shine through. I’m not sure I would buy this one again, but I’m happy to finish up what I have.


That does sound like a great combo, but I’d probably prefer if there was just a hint of mintiness, and definitely milk oolong flavour.


could you add a bit more milk oolong to it to try it “the way you like it”? I’ve made some better teas that way and really messed up other that way too! :) But it’s just a cup, so hey, alchemy!

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drank Hello Sweetie by Butiki Teas
603 tasting notes

This tea is yet another reminder of Butiki’s closing. Sigh. This blend is just so, so good. I love the smooth and strong black tea base, the banana and the hint of coconut. I love that the coconut doesn’t take over and that the cup doesn’t turn into a tropical-themed mess. I wish there were more banana teas that could be just like this.. natural banana, hints of pudding and bread, sweet and soft. This is just the cup that I needed before going to run errands!


I agree in it’s yummy’ness.


Wish I could have tried it, it sounds amazing!

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Still finishing up some of these teabags since I’ve been sipping on other teas. I am excited that this is another rooibos blend – always a nice caffeine treat to have at the end of the day. This one smells very much like strong, tangy orange and cinnamon. A little concerning.. but I’ll give it a try!

Sipping… I’m surprised that the flavor is a bit weak considering how strong the scent is. I taste something similar to Fruit Stripe gum in the sip and then regular bubblegum in the aftertaste. I do detect some orange, but everything else that is included in the blend is lost for me. It’s not a bad blend and it’s reasonably tasty, but the flavor combination is weird and a little confusing.

December 18 – Advent 2014

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I enjoy a creamy vanilla rooibos, but I am very particular. Vanilla and rooibos, to me, need to be of really nice quality especially if there aren’t other flavors/ingredients involved. I thought this tea was decent, but not my favorite vanilla rooibos. The vanilla was sweet and actually rather strong. There was something about it that I didn’t really enjoy, though. Perhaps it was the aftertaste that ended up being a little too funky. The rooibos was also equally as strong, quite woody and a tad medicinal (I think as a result of the funky vanilla). I am very happy to have tried this one, but wouldn’t purchase more in the future.

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drank Eggnog by DAVIDsTEA
603 tasting notes

When I saw this pop up on DavidsTea’s website, I knew that I had to buy some! I love eggnog and I love rooibos blends. Eggnog isn’t something I feel good about drinking once I’ve finished a glass, but it is a seasonal treat that I do like to have each year.

This tea smelled very much like eggnog right out of the bag. I was pleased to see all of the little white chocolate chips, too! Once water has been added, this tea smells much more like nutmeg and rooibos. It’s a little concerning for me as I’m not a big fan of eggnog with nutmeg or nutmeg in general. Sipping… well, this is a bit disappointing. It’s seems like this is very watery despite how much of the blend I actually added. It’s mostly a watery and sweet rooibos with a bit of nutmeg on top. I wish I could get more of that creamy, rich eggnog flavor, but this tea just doesn’t have it.

Next time I make a cup, I think I might add more leaf and add a few more minutes onto the steep time. I haven’t given up on this blend yet!

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I can’t really believe that it’s the last tea of the calendar. I still have quite a few to drink still.. But it’s hard to believe that Christmas is tomorrow!

I smell mostly cherry and the black tea base. I can’t smell the pineapple or orange… Maybe they’ll be more evident in flavor.

Sipping… First I taste the cherry, then the black tea, followed by a very light pineapple note. It’s nice, but doesn’t really make me think Christmas. I suppose it faintly reminds me of a fruit cake.. But the flavors aren’t all that festive in my mind.

Here’s to a safe and happy Christmas Eve!

December 24 – Advent 2014


It truly is hard to believe that xmas is tomorrow. Where did all the time go…

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This blend smells a little funky. It’s quite heavy on the fruit and light on the spices. Certainly not a bad thing as I prefer my spices to be in the background.

Sipping… I taste juicy fruit gum and that strange “doughy” thing that I get in some of Dammann’s other blends. It’s not bad, but it’s sort of a fruity and strange blob that sits on my tongue. I can’t pick anything out, unfortunately. I think this blend reminds me of a cup of juice in that it tastes decent, but lacks any sort of dimension.

December 23 – Advent 2014

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