I just placed yet another 16oz order of this tea — yes, I’m going through it like crazy. I made a few discoveries re: this tea this past month that I thought I’d share here:

1. You can oversteep this. I hadn’t thought you could, but the other day at work I forgot that it was steeping (either 1st or 2nd steep) and it came out astringent. Still drinkable, but it was the first time that I wrinkled my nose at it. Subsequent steeps were fine.

2. I’ve been using the Finum Permanent Filter to steep my tea — it’s great. Anyhow, I was noticing that all the green/white tea would float to the top. The easiest/least messy way to deal with that is that I really swirl my spoon around in the water to mix in the honey, and while it swirls I lower the filter in at an angle. This submerges the tea beautifully, and by the 3rd steep it’s a good blend. I also shake the filter over the cup after steeping to blend the teas more and get excess water out.

That’s all — exciting, I know ;)

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Proud all-around nerd, crafter, and brand-new Assistant Library Director. Give me an engrossing book and a wonderful cup of tea and I’m in heaven.

After being a barista for almost a decade it wasn’t until 2010 that I discovered loose leaf tea. Now I’m hooked.

How I use Steepster has been evolving since I joined. Yes, I use it for my personal “to buy or not to buy” info, but I’m enough of a goofball that I hope it can amuse others more often than not.

I’ve also started to become anal about my tea (times and temps). That’s surprised me. I finally realized that I should respect the leaves like I used to respect the beans. I also take my tea plain unless otherwise noted.

There’s really nothing remarkable or noteworthy of how I rate teas. I do take it a tiny further step to help clarify the muddled middle grounds for myself. TG is a definite repurchase. Anything below that is less and less likely.

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