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Doulton’s Shakespeare: A Tasting Note in 5 Acts
Act II scene 5

“By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.”
MacBeth, Act IV scene 1

I consider one of the best parts of MacBeth to be the witches. They cackle, plot and give prophecies that have (said like Robot Chicken’s version of M. Night Shyamalan) a tweest! Plus they inspired the title of one of Ray Bradbury’s great stories (I’m a big Ray Bradbury fan too). They’re dark and naughty, but they aren’t the ones who do all the murdering in the play. Therefore to me this tea embodies the Witches from Macbeth.

I think that Upton’s Black Dragon is the best subtle LS that I’ve had. Having said that, this tea is the most robust wicked-awesome LS that I’ve had. This is a smokier LS, but it’s the smoothest smoky LS that I’ve ever had. It also has an uncanny sweetness that reminds me of Cafe Du Monde’s beignets. The sweetness may be due to residual from my oolong marathon yesterday, but I’ll try this tea again in the near future to confirm that it’s this tea that has the sweet characteristics that I’m attributing to it. This is like the best witches brew ever. So if you’ve had Upton’s Black Dragon (or any other subtle-smoky LS) and decide to further your Lapsang Souchong adventure, then I highly recommend this one as the next step up on the smoke scale. TG

Lapsang Souchong “Cat Sound” Scale: This tea made me go back to my Life in Teacup note and drop the rating a few notches. This also wins over the “Purr like a lion” from the LiT tea.

ETA: I got 4 very good steeps out of this one, but I think the 5th would become too watery.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec
RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Gotta love you some Robot Chicken. Somewhere out there Seth Green is laughing a litle. :-)

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RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Gotta love you some Robot Chicken. Somewhere out there Seth Green is laughing a litle. :-)

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I’m quite loose when it comes to tea prep. I also ended up using Steepster to find my “daily” teas which I have – and so don’t rate as many as I used to. And am not active here any more (because y’all would get tired of me drinking the same teas every single day – day in and day out).

There’s really nothing remarkable or noteworthy of how I rate teas. I do take it a tiny further step to help clarify the muddled middle grounds for myself. TG is a definite repurchase. Anything below that is less and less likely.

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