drank Pure Organic Ginger by Chaidim
49 tasting notes

Next I decided to tackle the Pure Organic Ginger, now I’ve had ginger tea before, but I have always used the outer skin before and saved the delicious insides for cooking or use ginger pellets, but Chaidim’s uses whole slices.
The dried ginger looks similar to dehydrated apple, but it has a very spicy ginger smell. It had an aroma that was like dried ginger powder mixed with fresh ginger.
I used boiling water and let it steep for twenty minutes. While it was not as spicy as I expected, it was had a very nice ginger taste, it tasted more like fresh ginger then dried ginger powder.
If I was going to brew this again I would probably add a little brown sugar to the teapot to get a little caramel note to it, although it was perfectly palatable without any sweetener.

(Images and more at http://rah-tea.blogspot.com/2014/10/chaidims-pure-organic-lemongrass-tea.html)

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