I received this tea as a sample with my last order. Thank you Verdant!
When I opened the packet, it smelled intensely sweet and creamy, like it was a milk oolong. My excitement level skyrocketed! I followed their instructions of a quick rinse, followed by a 25 second steep, using 1 tablespoon of leaf. That used up the whole packet, so I’m determined to do this right!
The wet leaves smell sooo complex, and different than when dry. It smells almost oak-y, and a bit fruity, and a bit sweet too. Usually when companies compare their tea to wine I don’t expect to taste that myself, but this seriously smells a bit like wine to me. Crazy!
On to taste.
Hmm. This is a bit lighter than I expected, and the flavor seems to really be coming out more as it cools a little. I can taste the oak-y profile I smelled, and the fruity aspect too. I’m not getting as much sweetness as I expected, but perhaps that will come in the next steepings. As I get through about half of the cup the aftertaste hits me. ( Self hug) This is why I love Oolongs. I am starting to taste more sweetness, but it’s a floral sweetness, not so much a brown sugar sweetness. As I finish the cup, the dominant flavor is general roastiness. Overall, I’m a little disappointed in this first steep.

2nd steep, 20 seconds as directed. The floral kicked up a notch! Actually the entire flavor kicked up a notch in this steep. I wonder if I didn’t rinse it long enough at first. (it was maybe 2-3 seconds)
This steep is like the first in flavor, just stronger.

3rd steep, 20 seconds. Pretty similar to the 2nd steep.

4th steep, 45 seconds. Also similar.

I was hoping for more with this tea, as it’s my first aged oolong. But it is a good oolong. I was just expecting something spectacular. :-)

205 °F / 96 °C

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I love tea. I first tasted loose leaf when my grandpa brought some back from Russia and I remember just savoring it. Not sure what kind it was; all I remember is that it was loose leaf and it was good. =)

I really enjoy oolong, jasmine tea, and white tea. I especially love those black teas with chocolate notes! Also, chai is a constant favorite. I enjoy green tea, but need to be in the mood for it to actually want it.

As far as tisanes go, I enjoy chamomile and occasionally a mint. I am interested to try rooibus and honey bush. I do prefer teas without artificial flavoring but I’m willing to try most things.

I know next to nothing about puerh, but I like what I have tried so far.

I am consistently amazed at the flavors contained in one leaf. I am on a quest to discover all of them! Slowly, though. Good tea is expensive. :P

Other things I enjoy: Books. My family. Truth. Campfires. Animal Rescue. Gardening. Sushi. Mountain biking. Documentaries. Trees. Music. Culture. Sour cream raisin pie. Not necessarily in that order. :P


North Dakota

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