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The thing about rooibos is… it’s not tea.
Not in many peoples eyes, anyway. And I do see their point; it’s not a camilla.

I hated rooibos at first because my first rooibos tea was disgusting. A dear friend of mine had me try it, and I just couldn’t finish this little cup of rooibos. That’s very impolite in Greenland, and while she was out of the kitchen I threw the 80 % of the tea out in the zink and drank the rest of it with a smile when she came back.

Yes, I am 100% evil

Another friend of mine kind of forced me to drink rooibos. His was just better.
It wasn’t a clean rooibos either – but something with vanilla or almond.
I still can’t drink a clean rooibos just like I can’t drink a clean pu-erh without forcing myself.

This is one of my fave’s. Everyone I served this for says: “This smells like christmas!”
It does. And it soo easy! The teabag can be in the mug forever and it just taste better and better. Well… I do like malty teas, so maybe that’s just me.



Oooo Marzipan <3 One of my favorite flavors!

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drank Hojicha by Sing Tehus
93 tasting notes

…I only have two rules when it comes to tea shopping.
1. Package must look good.
2. Tea must smell delicius.

I would never ever buy this tea if it wasn’t for the smell. It’s… special.
It reminds me of fastfood, the nasty disgustingly greasy kind. I love fastfood. It’s awesome.

Anyways. This tea smell like friture but it taste like coffee! Seriusly!!!

Like it a little. hmm… like it…
Yes, this is my kind of coffee.


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drank Green Summer Tea by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

…Strawberry and green tea.
I always get the UGH feeling when those two meet in a mug. They kind of clash. Both ingredients has a bitterness to it. Combined they are just to much…

But I couldn’t help myself when the sweetest ekspedient let me have a whiff of this. I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!! I don’t need to drink it; Just throwing into my closet is fine. Just having it in my home like a perfume – I needed to buy it.

It’s bitter but it’s not that bad. Maybe if I steep it for a shorter time and cool it down…?
Then maybe… Just maybe, it could turn out to be one of my fave!

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drank White Temple tea by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

Looks into the can
Yummy berries. Good leafs. Is that strawberry? YUM… and that looks like orange.


What’s that?! Is that a… PEARL?!
A jasmine pearl???


Wonder if it’s part of the blend or a mistake. Found four pearl in total. I don’t mind. I love pearls. There is nothing wrong with the tea either. It’s a fine yellow liquid. Bought a kettle so I can boil the water to precise 80 celcius. Good result… The small dusty things are dancing slowly to the bottom. Some of them stand still for a while.

I like that. It’s like matrix.

Smell of heaven. Sweet and flowery.
The taste is sharp but sweet. Can’t taste the berries, can’t taste the pearls, can’t taste the leafs. Why? Because it’s blended into a symphony. Perch does that a lot – I don’t mind.


180 °F / 82 °C 7 min, 0 sec

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drank White Dream Tea by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

Hello Steepsterias ;)
Long time no see! I had to go to Denmark for some checkups in Copenhagen.
This, sadly, means I didn’t drink any tea for ages. But I did think of tea, and all of you,
when I went on a shopping spree. I am now the happy owner of … a lot of tea :P

This is one of the teas I bought i Perchs teashop.
If you ever visit Copenhagen, you should really try stopping by their adorable little shop.
I just love how tiny and cute it is! And the service is just great <3

Love the name of this tea “White dreams”.
It taste of banana and melon. Lovely and sweet! I have to try it iced!


p.s the lingering aftertaste is great!!!


Good to see you! Hope the checkups went well.


White Dram? Was that supposed to be dream, perhaps? :p


:P never write a tasting note when tired :P
Just saw it when I logged in (even before I saw your note Angrboda ;) ) and fixed it with very red cheeks grin
The checkup went very well. I’ve had a non-aggresive cancer in the thyreoidea for two-three years and last friday my doctor was finally able to tell me that all the cancer had been eliminated <3


YAY RIJJE!!! That’s awesome news! :D ♥


Totally! Have a hard time trying not to run around screaming “I am cured” to any person nearby ;)




Aaah, this post is definitely something to celebrate!

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drank English Breakfast by Kusmi Tea
93 tasting notes

…I am a traitor.
Since last week I started drinking smoothies in the morning – my boyfriend seems to think it’s a better “breakfast” than my morning tea. He is soo wrong. I can’t eat anything before afternoon, It’s a family trait. I get sick and tired by eating too early. Like my father used to say:“It’s still in the middle of the night” at 08:00.

So this week I just walked around like a zombie to my classes. It may very well be that my better half get’s energy by breakfast (his stomach is like a acidlake 24 hours a day) but my stomach don’t work before 12:00.

I miss my morning tea!!!

sipping this tea is too smoked for afternoon…


I drink chai and matcha- both have food like qualities, especially since I add milk to my chai. Yay for tea for breakfast!:)


awww you poor thing. if you find right teas i bet you can make your bf start drinking teas too ;)


Aww :( can’t he have a smoothie and you a tea :(


Cofftea – I actually considered trying matcha out =)
I am lacking calcium, so he is trying to pump me full of milk – maybe he’ll let me drink a milk based chai, that would be great!

Malomorgen, I very proud that my BF drink jasmine tea. I think it’s hilarious that he choosed to like such a flowery tea LOL

And Amazon, he drinks the smoothies with me… The only one he refuse to drink is the kiwiesmoothie… Maybe it’s because it’s green. (he fears new things like pest) He is one of the few people in Greenland, who never tried whaleskin. And he comes from a smalltown too! (This, is two very unlikely thing for a inuit in greenland. It’s unheard of!)


Oh no, a picky eater, my sister is a picky eater, it is hard to find things for them to enjoy eating with you

Luckily my boyfriend will eat anything, well almost. He tries all my teas when I make them.


Amazon, you are just too lucky =)
My BF sticks to his jasmine tea like glue.


Matcha is soup like! Yeah I’m low on calcium myself, that’s why I have such a big cuppa every day- that way I get a full serving of milk in (I don’t drink milk otherwise). How about doing a blended iced tea beverage using double strength cold tea and equal parts frozen fruits? Yogurt can be added if needed, I just don’t like yogurt based smoothies.


Rijje check these out, they look yummy http://www.domatcha.com/recipes/


Oh yes! I mix OJ w/ matcha often (don’t layer it though, I shake it) or I make dreamsicle matcha- 1/2 milk and 1/2 OJ. Or to make it more icy in texture, freeze the OJ and make ice cubes then blend it.:)


Oh I love all the options! Now I really need to order some matcha ;)

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That’s what it reminds me of! Risengrød is something you get at christmas. Uhm, don’t know the english word for it, but it’s rice boiled in milk (?) covered by a layer of a blend of cinnamon and sugar. And a spoonfull of butter in the middel.

This smells exactly of risengrød – The cinnamon/sugar/butter combo.

The liquid is dark orange with a lot of dust in it. Fist sip taste exactly as expected, like risengrød without the rice. But this combo is very spicey!

Hmm.. 7 stars out of 10. But I rather drink it next winter.


I’ve never heard of risengrød but it sounds like rice pudding, maybe?


rice pudding?


risengrød sounds amazing…

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drank Three Mint Tea by Pukka
93 tasting notes

This is my last bag of this tea.
Pukka uses mint in many of their teas, but this seems to be a “all mint” (and nothing else) tea. It’s fine, but I like “Refresh” better. The Refresh had the minty flavor, but also had a bitter flavor from liquorice.

3 stars …

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drank Fragant Jade Oolong by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

This tea has a lime green color.
It’s still salty, but in a pleasant way. This brew also has a little seaweed notes in it… But this time it’s perfectly balances. It makes me thirst for another sip, while I type. It’s like good food – you know your full but you can’t stop because it just taste so good. You’ll eat it, just for the taste!

Mmh, delicious.

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Rijje takes a sip of this tea and…
Smash her head on the table.

When will I find the perfect Earl Grey?
It’s like Atlantis.


awww :(

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Many things can be said about me, but I rather not go into details… Other than the facts that: Yes, I am from Greenland (Yeah, it’s totaly awesome!) and I love my books, cats and tea.

I love all kinds of tea, but must confess a greater love towards the Da Hong Pao and a deep hatred for Ceylon and Pickwick. (Yes, I am aware that Ceylon is area). Sorry, It’s not them, it’s me.
Other than that I love the greens, the whites and the blacks (and all of the things in the middle) evenly.

Rating system – I love the smileyrate here on steepster, so I’ll just follow that. That’s 1 point for the worst tea in the history of man, and 100 point for some of the best tea… note that I usually rate high because I am a optimist and love all things tea.

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
~ C. S. Lewis


Nuuk, Greenland

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