93 Tasting Notes


My friends and family are bugging me about my tea collection.
They all say the same things; I have too much of it, I shouldn’t buy more of it and it’s all over the apartment.

So to ease them a little I have decided not to buy more tea before I: drink, give or throw away ALL my tea. (And of course wrote about all of them in steepster.)

I like this tea. It’s very much my first “love” tea.
There is a little (or none at all) tea in it, but it taste good enough for a beginner.
Liquorice is the main ingredient and I love liqorice. If I could roll in it and bath in it, without getting sick, I would.

…but not in tea.


Throw away tea?! Sad day.


:) Yes, some of my tea is getting too old. How long does it hold? 2-3 years? Can’t remember.


There is SO much conflicting info- I’ve heard 3 months to 3 years. The only way to know is to try it.

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drank Three Ginger by Pukka
93 tasting notes

I dunno.
It’s … very spicey. I keep thinking “two gingertypes to many”.
I like my gingertea to be sweet. Out of ten stars it’s a five star gingertea.

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drank Green Citric Ginger by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

WE still LIKE it!
My tastebuds are slowly becoming better. Yesterday I drank a clean oolong with a friend and enjoyed the notes of nuts and other stuff and then my friend said:

“I miss something in this tea”
… But there is so much in it!

(Sorry all the editing, all the text didn’t show up because of some signs)

Thumbs up from here!


“thumps up” – lol. :)


Ups blush lol

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Yes, Im still here =)
Used too much internet, so my better half “grounded” me. You won’t belive how much I had to pay on our phonebill… let’s just say I’m near damn broke. Luckly, I have collected a HUUUGE amount of tea in my three year long fascination of tea. Food? Clothes? Chocolat? I can live without for some time… But life without tea? NEVER.

Started on the school again. They have a cup-with-a-lid policy. It means no fluid must enter the class without a secure lid on it. No prob for soda drinkers and healthy geeks with bottles. Huge prob for my starbuckmug without a lid. So, yesterday I invested on a HUGE travelmug by Bodum. Did I mention it was HUGE? It’s huge. And green. I am happy.

The tea menu for today is all green starting with this almond tea…

: I like it.

In the beginning, the taste was a little off. Too hot water, made the nuance disappear.
Luckly the saying “Time heals all wounds” seems to fit on hot water too. About a lection after my steeping, the tea revealed the yummy taste of almond. OR marcipan <3 potato potato. It taste good!

Note to self: Lower the heat for next cup.


oh you got the one with the flippyu lid closijng mechanism thing? i got that one too, i’ve been reallyu happy with it. the other day i made tea in the morning and forgot to taje it with me ‘(about 6 o’clock), when i was home again at aroind 3o’clock hte contents was still luke-warm. itøs way bettwer than my old travel cup,


Yup, that’s the one =) …and it does hold the tea warm for a long time!
I had another travelmug, from Georg Jensen, but it’s not as good as this one.
Did you hurt your hand? I read your logs, but couldn’t find the reason to the cute spelling.


cute spoelling, lol!
yes, i’ve managed to cut the tip of my right index finger rather badly, iv’e got a couple of stitches. they’re comiung out on monday, so hopefully it’ll start getting easier then. it dioesn’t hurt so much anymore, onlyu when i bump it, but it’s itching! yping is difficult, though, obvioisly.


Must be difficult for someone like you – you seem to write alot =)
I just read that you can trick your mind when it iching! Just rub the other hand on the spot where it itches on the damaged hand. Dunno if it’s true.


itch is dormant at the moment, but i’ll try that out the next time ti starts up. but yeah i’ve suddenly realised how many of my spare time activuties involve typiung! O.o iøve tried dictating to myself for writing fiction, but i found that was way harder than i thoguht when i couldn’t see the text. apparently the visual appearnace of the text is important to me.

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drank Fragant Jade Oolong by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

I like it.
It’s salty and makes me think of seaweed. Now, normaly, I don’t like seaweed.
But when drinking this … I’m thinking – why not. We got all this seaweed in the world.
Lets eat and drink it. Especially when it’s as tasty as THIS tea.
Ah, this tea … God, this tea made me HUNGRY.

Thumbs up.

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drank Green Citric Ginger by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

This tea never cease to suprise me, but today, it scared the crap out of me.
My first infusion oversteep the leaves, and somehow left the tealeafs without a single note of ginger. Or green tea.

The only tasting note left in my cup is “metal”, iron?
This made my eyes bulged out in surprise, because it taste like BLOOD.
Yes, blood.

Damn weird.


Does it have hibiscus in it? That always tastes like blood to me. A metallic flavour.


Angrboda – no, it dosn’t have the nasty pink thing in it =)
… But yes! Hibiscus taste like that!

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drank Raspberry Oolong by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

Oolong is one of my favorite cups. Sweet, but not overly so.
It’s like the grayzone between green and black tea – which it is, but that “grey” zone has it’s taste of it’s own. It’s like when it’s raining and the sun shines through and make a rainbow. That’s how I see oolong… visually.

The rasberry is perfectly blended into the tea, like many of Perchs blends.
You can’t seperate the taste of oolong and rasberry – it’s “tied” together in a duet.
I am always suprised by it’s taste. Full of … notes, but still neutral.
It’s one of the teas I have standing in my workplace, to drink when I don’t have the time to decide “what I want”. And because of it’s peculiar smell, my collegues haven’t dared to taste it yet, so there it stands for me alone like a undiscovered tresure chest.

One of my top 5.


The unmentionable raspberry oolong strikes again! I’ve got a new supply on the way which I’m hoping I’ll get by friday. I can’t wait to get it and make a pot.


lol – but isnt friday a… helligdag? Can’t find the word for it in english.
All the stores up here are closed on friday. Postoffice also.


Holiday. :)
Yes, but I ganged up with Lexitus for the order and we placed it last friday, so we’re counting on it arriving sooner. I just don’t see him until next friday.


Ahh, mystery solved.

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So, another Earl Grey try. (I will not cease untill I found a good one)

This cup is very (VERY) dark brown/orange.
It’s so bitter! I can taste the bergamot, but it’s not tasty.

I kind of understand the attraction to Earl Grey – Tea and bergamot?
It should be tasty! Have to keep trying.


Have you tried their Queen’s Blend? It’s like EG+ with a little green in it. I’m not really an EG fan myself, I don’t care much for the bergamot flavour, but I find that one drinkable.
On the other hand, if you didn’t care much for the regular EG, maybe I should warn you away from QB instead…

Miss Sweet

Oh man, totally know how you feel on the hunt for a good earl grey. I literally had to try every single brand I could get my hands on before finding something amazing! I can’t recommend any NZ brands to you, but have you tried any of the Harney & Sons earl greys? They allllllmost came close for me (I prefer a more plain earl grey with a strong bergamot kick instead of the typical floral ones).


I am considering the QB.
Going to buy some Perchs soon anyway. But I havn’t tried the Harney and Sons?
I am looking for a sweet fruity Earl Grey, I think. I’m not sure about the floral Earl Grey, but then again, sometimes I get suprised by the strangest tasting notes. (Like the one yesterday that tasted like mold, but actually tasted good)

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drank Green Citric Ginger by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

Wonders of wonders.
How can something I never enjoyed before in sushi or any other food, be sooo good in tea?

This tea is green in color, smells of citric and ginger (suprise).
The taste is suprisingly pleasant. Suprising because it taste milky, sweet, soapy, and bitter.
This is not my favorite taste – except for sweet – so why does it taste this great.

I don’t know. It’s a mystery, really.

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drank Rooibos Vanilla by A C Perch's
93 tasting notes

Beautiful clear dark orange liquid.
Taste of honey, vanilla and brown sugar.
Takes additional infusion easily – even happily.

I am finding myself liking rooibos more and more!
And this – I really,really, like! Maybe I should buy something next time!
Maybe, I should buy some of this to my Rooibus fan of a friend.

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Many things can be said about me, but I rather not go into details… Other than the facts that: Yes, I am from Greenland (Yeah, it’s totaly awesome!) and I love my books, cats and tea.

I love all kinds of tea, but must confess a greater love towards the Da Hong Pao and a deep hatred for Ceylon and Pickwick. (Yes, I am aware that Ceylon is area). Sorry, It’s not them, it’s me.
Other than that I love the greens, the whites and the blacks (and all of the things in the middle) evenly.

Rating system – I love the smileyrate here on steepster, so I’ll just follow that. That’s 1 point for the worst tea in the history of man, and 100 point for some of the best tea… note that I usually rate high because I am a optimist and love all things tea.

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
~ C. S. Lewis


Nuuk, Greenland

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