2334 Tasting Notes

Its time to give this another shot!
Its really not a peppermint black tea. Its mint, and a rather medicinal and strong mint at that.
Theres nothing wrong with this blend, but I’m not very impressed, I must say. Its a bit forgettable. I find that medicinal mint is not playing entirely well with the black tea base. The two are conspiring to make it a bit bitter.
Hmm. I have enough for a final cup, and I will rate it then.

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drank Estus Black by A Quarter to Tea
2334 tasting notes

Try alllll the new teas!
I couldn’t resist this one, firstly because the flavors sounded lovely, and secondly, Estus! Hurrah for Dark Souls!
The leaf smells wonderful- vanilla and spices. Its a joyous blend to smell. The spice isn’t too heavy, and the vanilla gives it a pleasing sweetness.
The brew, once made, is a bit weaker than the smell. It doesn’t have the intensity of flavors that the sniff did, but what I can taste is very nice indeed, warm and sort of snuggly.
I would most certainly drink this potion to regain lost health!

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drank Earl of Time by A Quarter to Tea
2334 tasting notes

My new teas, part of my black Friday haul, have arrived from A Quarter to Tea! Oh, my poor cupboard, swelling up again.
I was excited to start them, so this was broken open as the breakfast pot of tea.
Its a very bright earl, with the bergamot and currant making my cup almost tart in flavor. Its almost aggressively cheerful, and it certainly woke me up!
Yay having new teas to try!

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As much fun as this weekend was, it was certainly long, and I didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted.
So, this is my afternoon pick-me-up (much needed), and I’m enjoying it very much.
Part of my traditional activities at the Dickens Faire is afternoon tea at Cuthberts Tea Shoppe, which has scones, sandwiches and trifle, and of course a pot of tea. Now, I’ve had better afternoon teas, but its just so charming that I never miss it. They served a rather ordinary breakfast blend as their tea, with no option for anything else. I never have cream or sugar in my tea at home (or so rarely that it might as well be never), but I do have it sometimes when I go out to tea. This tea most certainly benefited.
So I’m happy to go back to this better breakfast blend today. This is very rich, smooth, and just plain tasty. A much better thing, and good without sweeteners!

Maddy Barone

I have never been to a Dickens Faire. I have friends involved with the Jane Austen Society and that looks like fun too!


I’ve never done the Jane Austen society, but I’d love too. I like anything with bonnets, quite frankly.

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A backlog from this weekend.
I’ve been waiting for the weather to get a bit cooler, as only seems appropriate for a tea named “Winter Storm.”
Its a very, very pleasant blend. Its fruity, with a hint of spice to it, which does not overpower the freshness of the fruit. My main complaint is that it wasn’t very strong, but that could probably be fixed by adding more tea next time I brew some.
Another tea tried! Now more of my cupboard than not is tried, of which I am very happy.

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drank Smokejumper Ginger by The Tea Spot
2334 tasting notes

What is it about the weekends that make it impossible for me to write reviews? Well, it just really, really is impossible. I try, but I get too busy.
This weekend was no exception! I went so many places, and did so much stuff, including my beloved Dickens Faire (as a woman who owns her own bonnet, its impertitive I get to go watch people in hoop skirts dance around, and listen to readings from a Christmas Carol by Dickens “himself”.), and a trip to the circus (I love the circus.)
Monday feels both like a rude awakening, and a return to schedule. I like the schedule bit. And speaking on schedule, I’m due for another “try it or sip it down” tea.
I’m fighting some sort of sinus-y thing, which can’t quite commit to being a cold, so I’m going for a strong tea with ginger. Ginger is medicinal, right?
This is very strong, but neither as smokey or as gingery as I was expecting. I did give it a very light steep time, so I’ll try it again with different parameters, to see if I can coax out more of that smokey flavors I love in lapsangs.


Your Dickens event sounds lovely! A musical adaptation of Christmas Carol at Silver Dollar City is mandatory Christmas tradition for us. We know the script about as well as the actors :)

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Finished up my Japanese corn tea today. I enjoyed it, even if I never learned its proper name, steeping parameters, or ideal water temp.
Earthy and light, it was a very pleasant cup.

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drank Soleil Levant by Lupicia
2334 tasting notes

I am apparently unable to resist Lupicia Holiday Tins. I love those cute little things, and theres a fair number of their holiday teas that I really like, so I always pick up a few.
Which means that Lupicia has also sent a sample along, and this was it. Unnervingly I could not find it on Steepster, so I added it.
I’m not the worlds biggest fan of green tea, but I do love Lupicias fruit flavorings, and I’m still in “pour hot water down the gullet” mode, so bottoms up!
This is very mild, both in its green tea base and in its fruit flavor. As with so many things that Lupicia brands as their holiday blends, this reminds me much more firmly of spring and summer flavors.
I’ll hold off on reviewing this, as I’m an imperfect judge of green tea, but it was generally nice to sip.

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Ok, not a good sign. I had a cup of this with my breakfast, and now, as I sit down to write this note, I am struggling to remember what it was I had.
Not exactly a memorable blend, then.
I love mint blacks. In fact, I get really excited come Christmas time, as the mint blacks are in season. My tea-loving sister gave me this one, a local blend, and I was happy to give it a shot.
Except it was nearly forgettable. I mean, I did forget it, when I sat down to write this note!
So, I’ve got a bit left, and I’ll have that in the future, to try and get a better idea what its actually all about.

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Conversation with the Significant Other today, from whom I have probably caught this scratchy throat.
Me- “I’ve been drinking tea all day.”
Him- “Why am I not surprised?”
Me- "But this time its for the throat! It does help. It feels better as I’m drinking.
Him- “Now that I think of it, I should have been doing that when I had this.”
Oh the power of hot liquid. Tea to the rescue!

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I love tea! I confess that I was a hot chocolate lover for most of my life, but recently a switch has gone off in my brain, and suggested that I might just love tea. And I do!
I’m a bit of a novice, but an enthusiastic one, and am happily sipping new varieties all the time.
I love vanilla, fruity, and caramel flavors, and cant wait to try more.

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