1914 Tasting Notes

drank Celebration Tea by Harney & Sons
1914 tasting notes

Time for one last cup of tea before I pop off to my parents house for Christmas lunch and presents! (I confess to being excited about that. I love presents).
This isn’t a classic holiday flavor, being light and fruity, but I can’t fault it, as I do love a nice light and fruity blend. Good stuff.
Off I pop!

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This year, there was no decision at all on what would be the tea on Christmas morning. This is what it was, this is what I wanted, so this is what I had!
I had fun. My boyfriend, who is at his familys house out of state, skyped me, and so I was “there” as they opened stockings and chatted. I got to sit and chat with them, drinking tea, and relaxing.
I’ll go to my own family later this afternoon, and chill out with all of them.
For those having a holiday today, I hope its great!


I’m having this today, too! Merry Christmas!


Happy Christmas!!

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This has become, hands down, the favorite non caff version of the winter. Delicious. Creamy. Rich. It feels like extra dessert, which is brilliant.
Whatever Midwinter holiday you celebrate, if you celebrate one, may it be a happy one.

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
1914 tasting notes

For all of you who celebrate it, have a lovely Christmas Eve!
I’m off to work, but I’ve got a moment to savor this tea.
Its a perfect for Christmas eve, mellowed with vanilla, but peppy with the mint. Lovely. A good way to start the day!

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drank Eggnog by DAVIDsTEA
1914 tasting notes

Smells like Nog. Does not taste like Nog. Oh well. Its totally drinkable, so that’s alright.

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drank White Christmas by Harney & Sons
1914 tasting notes

Backlogged from last night.
I am told that White Tea is a highly caffeinated beverage, so I should perhaps not had it before bed. But maybe I made it all up, as I slept pretty well.
I don’t think I’ve had this since last Christmas, which is a shame, as its a very smooth cup. Its creamy, with a touch of warm spice to it. Very nice.


I’m very confused with how caffeinated teas are…seriously seems like everyone has a different opinion. I’ve heard it has tons of caffeine, but also heard that it doesn’t have a lot, and it’s mainly only silver needle that has caffeine. I’m just confused. xD

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Only holiday teas this week, I think. I had Figgy Pudding yesterday (the Della Terra tea), but Steepster ate that note. Oh well.
Peppermint Bark! I keep saying it, and its still true. This is not as good as Santa’s Secret or Christmas Tradition, my two favorite of the mint-vanilla-black combinations.
However, thats not to say it is bad! Oh no, not at all. Its well blended, and the flavors are quite pleasant. However, you really don’t need this and, say, Christmas tradition, if you like this flavor profile.
I’ll have no trouble drinking this down, but I won’t go out of my way for it again next year.

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Backlogged from the other day.
I brought this and a few other mint teas of mine over to my friends house, for a tea and knitting date. It was good! I’m getting so much progress done on the very basic scarf that I am learning to knit.
She picked this one, and so I had another chance to mull over my thoughts.
Still like it! Complex and layered. I think it will be great if you are not feeling well, which may sound clinical, but I think is a high bit of praise. You don’t always want something this good when you don’t feel well.
My friend was a little more meh about it, but thats alright!

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drank Figgy Pudding by Della Terra Teas
1914 tasting notes

Christmas teas the whole way this week. I will be a gutton for the holiday flavors.
Of course, I’ve been doing that pretty much all winter, but hey.
You can totally taste the fig in this. Its rich, earthy, and blends very well with the black base. A great, savory holiday tea!

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Because I love a theme, there was no other tea I could possibly have this morning. Winter Solstice!
It also is good that the date-significant tea is also perfect for a winter morning, as its rich, layered, spicy, but with the gorgeous note of citrus, which is lovely, and makes it all very good.
Happy Solstice! Its all longer days from here!

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I love tea! I confess that I was a hot chocolate lover for most of my life, but recently a switch has gone off in my brain, and suggested that I might just love tea. And I do!
I’m a bit of a novice, but an enthusiastic one, and am happily sipping new varieties all the time.
I love vanilla, fruity, and caramel flavors, and cant wait to try more.

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