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drank Very Berry White Tea by Teavana
104 tasting notes

I really, really like this tea! Rich berry flavors on a delicate white tea. It may not be terribly original or novel, but it certainly is good. From the first cup to the last in all of the envelopes I have purchased, it has been entirely consistent and good. Smooth with rich sweet berry flavors; the tea that I have purchased has not been sour or bitter. I will continue to buy this tea as it does not have any additives other than tea, fruit, and hibiscus flowers. Satisfying.

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drank Coconut Cream Pie by 52teas
104 tasting notes

This is the first tea that I bought from 52 Teas. The coconut flavor was rich and very good, and the aroma was great. I thought the black tea base could’ve used a little improvement, though, as it had a touch of bitterness. Just a very little bit. But overall, this tea lived up to its name and was quite satisfying to quench a craving for coconut cream pie. I would buy this again and continue to try other teas by 52 Teas (I have two others at home right now, Cinnamon Roll Honeybush and Apricot Cheesecake).

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As other posters have stated, if you understeep this tea, it has no flavor; if you oversteep it, it becomes bitter. I am having the last cup of a 2 oz resealable envelope and it is bitter. I think it should have more of a pure blueberry flavor to it.

Another thing that may be bothering me and making the tea taste bad to me is that it includes maltodextrin. Granted, I’m sure it’s very little as it’s a part of the acai fruit powder, last ingredient on the list. But still, I’m sensitive to gluten and it’s probably enough to make it taste nasty and to stuff up my head like I have a head cold. If Teavana is actually concerned with health, they need to put a warning on their teas that include maltodextrin for those with food sensitivities/allergies. I never thought tea would have maltodextrin in it, but now I know better. I will not buy this tea again. And here’s a thought: what if fruit-flavored tea included only tea and fruit! They need to dump the additives; it’s eliminating teas that I will buy from them and for family members!


I checked Teavana’s website today, they do clearly show maltodextrin as an ingredient. I don’t recall seeing that before, but it is there. All the same, I can’t order this tea again until they ditch the maltodextrin.

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I expected more of a chocolate taste…and the chocolate flavor in this tea is, well, thin. It is really overpowered by the berry flavors and the top note is surprisingly tart. Not at all what I expected in a tea inspired by Belgian Chocolate. I expected more depth of flavor and richness; not sweetness, just a richer flavor. Compared to other teas, I think Teavana’s flavored teas are good but I think they can do better on this one. I was a little disappointed.

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