49 Tasting Notes

I suppose this is my second or third sheng as far as tasting… But it is the first one I have brewed the right way. I’m starting to get it…. This love for shengs that the rest of you seem to have. I’m not ready to rate them yet…


I’ve only had a few but I think they’re tasty so far.

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I received the 2013 second flush as a 10gm sample. For me it’s perfect…. I love Darjeelings and I love oolongs… A perfect mix. It’s very flowery with a sweet honey flavor. I wasn’t even tempted to add milk and sweetener.

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Received this sample from Teavivre.
First of all, it’s really pretty…. Fine black and gold leaves that smell like cocoa and coffee.
I brewed it pseudo gaiwan style… About 15 sec. It smells like sweet potato and tastes malty.
The color is golden brown rather than amber.
In a nutshell…. This is on the top of my list for tomorrow’s sale.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I received this sample today, just in time to decide what I want to buy from the anniversary sale. This is my first taste of Keemun, and this time I brewed western style. I will pseudo gongfu my next cup, since this was a little strong for me….. Still very tasty, though!

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one pseudo gongfu-ing tea. :)

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drank With Open Eyes by Butiki Teas
49 tasting notes

This is delicious.. Although I’m not tasting any ginger. Maybe it all sank to the bottom of the bag?
It’s a tiny bit weak, but I don’t think I used enough tea.

2 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Big Red Robe by Music City Tea
49 tasting notes

I previously posted under “little red robe.” I’m not entirely sure whether the sample I received was big or little red robe, but I bought 3 oz of this one. It’s equally as delicious as the sample….
I tried this in my newly seasoned yixing pot, and it was delicious for 3 steeps. I’m not sure how much longer it could go.
It’s lovely with a light malt flavor, toasty and smooth. The liquid is light amber. It’s a nice morning tea.

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I received this today in my long-awaited Teavivre order as a sample. It’s my first time tasting lapsang souchong.
This is truly tasty, and it reminds me of Islay scotch. Mmm… Word to the bartenders out there… This would make a nice tea cocktail.
It’s smoky as described, smooth and fragrant. Like a campfire in the woods. Yummy!

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The mail lady was putting my box from Shang on my porch when I got home today. I had to try this straight away, and I’m impressed :-)
The whites I’ve tried lately are so boring. This one has nice flavor, and the liquid is more like black tea. I brewed it for 2 minutes in my new lucky baby kungfu cup.
I can’t really describe the taste, but I love it!

Shang Tea

We’re so glad you enjoyed the tea and your lucky baby cup, thanks Saradiann!


Shang, you are a great business. I’m glad you’re present on steepster.

Shang Tea

Thank you Saradiann! We are always striving to provide the best products and best service so we’re always happy when we get comments like this. Please let me know if you ever have any other questions or feedback for us, and we’re so happy you’re enjoying the tea :)

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Screw you, Starbucks! I can have pumpkin spice in July if I feel like it!!


LOL of course you can!!!

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This is my first taste of Butiki….I ordered a few 1/2 ounce bags of different flavors, and while I was most anticipating the watermelon tea, I tried this one first. It’s nice and light, perfect for my post-Saturday afternoon nap tea. I get pineapple favor, a bit of cilantro, and something else I can’t really name. Another sweet fruit note. It gets even tastier as it cools, and would probably be nice on ice.

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New to tea. I am a milk and sugar coffee drinker, so I’m slowly adjusting to drinking tea without such adulterations.
So far I love Darjeeling and high mountain oolong.
Want to learn more about puerh.



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