I do not drink very many flavored teas, but from time to time I will indulge, and also for a nice change of pace. I believe my first flavored tea was Earl Grey, and it is a tea I could drink almost daily, but I don’t….probably because it would strain my tea budget. I bought this at the World Market during Christmas 2004. and again Summer of 2005. Earl Grey is probably my favorite flavored tea, as I just love the scent and flavor of natural oil of Bergamot.

Earl Greyer is true to its’ description, very citrusy and fresh tasting. I didn’t taste much of the base tea, but then again, I didn’t expect to. The dry aroma and cup aroma is fantastic! As the extraordinary Bergamot washed over my tongue, I savored the flavor for a few moments before swallowing the tea! As a hot tea, I use one teabag to the specifications below per 8 oz cup, with a rating of 88. I used this mostly for iced tea in Spring/Summer, as it is extremely refreshing! Same specs as hot tea except I use two tea bags; rating 90.

I did not taste bitterness with the extended steep time, but more flavor.

At the time this was my new favorite Earl Grey, but as I neared the end of the tin I realized something. Iced, Earl Greyer may be my favorite; BUT, as a hot tea, I began to miss the taste of the TEA! I missed the balance of a good base tea, and the natural Bergamot flavoring. Even as the tea cooled somewhat, the black tea base was overpowered by the extra Bergamot. I just prefer a cup of hot Earl Grey to be more balanced.

Overall, it was still delicious and a worthy contender among the competition.

Boiling 8 min or more

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