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Ugh second bowl. After a whiff test with Ito en matcha I have decided Ito en matcha has a strong grassy fishy smell and not sweet note where as toyo smells like veggies and zuchini and a background hint of sweetness. I sifted the matcha this time and I am not sure if I measured 1 tsp or 1tsp and a half. This bowl of toyo hits in stages: bitter→ zuchinni→ slightly sweet. I’m getting some umami but toyo is not as sweet at kiri :(. I might need to knock it down to 1/2 tsp. this is slight better quality than the Ito en but I still prefer my kiri no mori.
If you don’t mid bitter than this one is good for you.

EDIT: I just realized earlier my bowl had a funky hot paper smell so I sprinkled a small amount of Ito en in it to freshen it up…. I never rinsed or dusted that out!!! Oops! Because toyo doesn’t smell nearly as bitter as what I just drank! I just finished washing and rinsing it very well as well as drying it out with more paper towels. I wasn’t paying attention when I was cleaning up and stuck my plastic measuring teaspoon in my mouth to lick te last bits of matcha off before I washed it. It tastes pretty good, a strong flavor somewhat more bitter than kiri but with a soft sweetness. Really thinking that the dusting of the other matcha threw the flavor off (or I am going insane!). I will try this again tomorrow maybe. Maybe I will have a small cube of sugar or some pallate cleaner before I drink this.

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I like tea.
I started with Lipton’s black tea, then tried grocery store brand green tea, then the Sencha Matcha mix from the republic of tea, and now I’m getting my feet wet in the world of real Matcha.



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