A big Thanks to LiberTEAS for sending me a sample of this when I ordered some of her Masterpiece Chai (which incidentally Rocks my world!)

I have to start by saying I don’t normally ‘eat’ breakfast but my day starts with two large mugs of tea, either a rich Malty Breakfast or a hearty Masala Chai that wakes up the mind, body, and soul .. So you have to keep that ‘Chai’ reference in mind when I share my experience of this delicately Spiced Green Tea ..

I’m really digging the look of this tea as I’ve never had slithers of Almonds, or any other type of nut in my tea before! And the aroma is truly yummy – first note I got was Nutmeg which was a nice surprise, followed by Cinnamon & Ginger, and a real Mixed Spice/Bakery scent .. All of these are obvious without reading the description (which I hadn’t until just now) ..

Anyhoo, I followed the time & temp recommendations (80°C – 3min) for the first mug, but it seemed very weak to me .. In fact if someone had served it to me with no information on what it was, I’d have guessed an Apple & Cinnamon Tisane that was lacking in apple flavouring .. So for the second one I steeped (fresh leaves) for 5 minutes, and still found it to be lacking in flavour – or better put lacking the lively dance of tea & spices I was expecting, and hoping for ..

Final thoughts: it’s an interesting twist, light & comforting, sweet and Autumny, like gingerbread biscuits and taking a walk through fallen leaves to spot the abandoned birds nests .. Yes it would be perfect to take on such a wander, or to enjoy once home from such an adventure .. But alas it’s spring here and I’m finishing off my last re-steep (nice but quite woody) ..

I won’t be ordering a tin as it’s just too subtle for my tastes, however I’d certainly drink it again if offered :P


175 °F / 79 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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For many years I only drank coffee, and the occasional herbal tisane .. But eventually I got sick of people complaining that I had no ‘real tea’ in the house so I bought a box of cheap tea bags and remembered WHY I didn’t drink the stuff!

And so life went on until the day an English friend invited me to visit her home .. She made us a pot of (loose leaf) Earl Grey to enjoy in the garden – and finally I’d found a Tea that I truly wanted to drink!

Now-a-days my favourite alternates between home-made Masala Chai, Lady Grey with a few extra drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Dessert Flavoured Blacks, and my latest interest is Dragon Peal Jasmine ..

any less = I wouldn’t drink it again
70 – 80 = Nice, but there’s better
80 – 90 = Mmm, Yummy Stuff ..
90 – 100 = Unique, Stand-Outs, & Can Not Be Withouts!


New Zealand

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