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I’m an artist, tea lover and devourer of books, documentaries & lectures. My other hobbies include keeping fit, amateur modeling, going for long walks (especially in the rain) and rocking out to classical music.

My interest in tea developed a few years ago, making it a relatively new obsession for me. I find myself in a perpetual state of “OMG I want to try everything!”, so tea swaps and recommendations give me the warm fuzzies.

I believe that the quality of a tea is best determined by a happy palate, not a sad pocketbook. I often buy tea locally and prefer to support smaller businesses rather than large chains.

Oolong and green tea are my great loves, although I am quickly developing a taste for white tea and I have a weakness for a variety of tisanes. I’m hoping to track down some yellow tea soon and my search for more stomach-friendly black tea is ongoing. I’m also currently making my first awkward stumbles into the fabulously complex world of puerh and gongfu brewing – so far, so good! My taste buds don’t seem keen on most flavored teas, but perhaps I haven’t had much in the way of good quality yet. In any case, I’ll try just about anything once.

I’m horrendously bad at writing, so at this point I’m more comfortable rating teas than writing about them.

25-60: Squick, nope
60-80: Yeah, I’d drink that again
80-100: Om nom nom, awesome


Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada


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