8269 Tasting Notes

drank Caramel by TeaGschwendner
8269 tasting notes

farewell! my caramel deliciousness. :) i’ve really enjoyed having this one while it’s been around. Now to decide if i’m going to pick up another package of this in august or not heh.

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drank Yu Lu Yan Cha Black by Verdant Tea
8269 tasting notes

I had this one again today since my LB only got picked up from the post office today. I have one serving left that i’m saving for a comparison with the newer harvest just for the fun of it. it’s funny how originally i didn’t love this one and now, this and LB and a couple others are my reach for teas. not much else to say about this one until i do a compare :)


I love this one. I have to place an order for it since it’s Terri’s sample

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drank Loco Lime by RiverTea
8269 tasting notes

no moar sipdowns! i had this one as a cold brew, ending my cupboard today at 139 (+4 on the way = 143) which means to meet ONE of my goals, i need 48 more sipdowns between now and the end of the month OR i have 12 more teas from January to get through, which is so not going to happen based on the quantity there haha i like playing drinking tea games with myself. I’ll see what i can do to get to the end of my goal, but unless work slows down a little, i’m not sure i see it happening. But i always try :)

this one is best cold brewed IMO. i don’t get the “carrot” flavour that VariaTEA did, but it’s almost not quite so close to being lime but not. :) it is great for hot summer days though, and that’s what WILL matter in august/september at this rate heh.

Final Count: 139

Iced 8 min or more

Haha. I really don’t know how I got carrot.


That’s incredible!

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30/28 sipdowns heh the last of this is being split out to a few tea friends that i know might have fun at least trying this one since it’s not a common tea shop, nor local. Had a lovely last cup of this while taking a bath and trying to get my mind to stop thinking about work so that i’ll be able to sleep tonight. maybe.

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29/28 sipdowns yes, i’m aiming for a few moer since LB sipdown doesn’t really count since it will be back tomorrow and there are another 3 or so teas arriving on tuesday… so i figure if i’m still able to take in liquid.. let’s doo this!

i’m certainly glad this wasn’t variaTEA’s favourite tea or anything because it went in the mouth and then back out in to the cup. gross. there is nothing honey nor almond nor biscotti like about this one. it’s just floral bitter grossness. ick lol

Roswell Strange

Yeah, I didn’t like it much either. Don’t think anyone’s had a real “win” with this one yet…


Haha. It sounded like it would be nice. It was not. I figure I would keep sharing and hoping for the best but like Roswell Strange said, no one has really had a “win” with it yet. Probably why it is not being grabbed from my swap list :P

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yes…yes i can cheat as much as i want! 28/28 sipdowns as i wanted to try this before giving the remainder to my friend. on the whole…while this is a lovely tea, it doesn’t sing to me like my black teas do…it’s really just toooooo soft. and quiet. :)

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27/28 sipdowns

I’m cheating a little on this one because the other half is going to my friend who is so awesome about bringing tea over the borders for me. Since she’ll be bringing me 3 little teas, i figured i should make room for those by giving her a few more teas to try. I’m not sure if i prefer this one or the other dragonwell from teavivre that i tried recently. What i’m sure if, is that i’d never drink this fast enough for it to stay fresh. I will likely look in to buying sampler though in future to be able to have a few of these around. sooooo tasty and green and delicious (don’t look at me teafairy!)

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drank Blackcurrant by Steam Tea House
8269 tasting notes

26/28 sipdowns

omgsrsly this is great as a latte! i wanted a change of pace so i dug this one out to make as a latte. it’s really nice this way. I like this straight but as a latte it’s just a creamier delicious black current creamy drink. NOMS!


I never think about trying the fruit teas as lattes. Makes sense if you like pies a la mode or fruit with cream… Hm. I see experiments in my future.


haha yeah i’m not sure why this one popped in to my head to do that..but it did and i’m glad!


Good to know! :) I’m gonna have to try it.

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drank Midnight Magic by Shanti Tea
8269 tasting notes

25/28 sipdowns

i think this one came to me from missB this wasn’t quite drinkable for me today – something about the floral notes just turned me right off it. I’ve had it before though and didn’t mind it for a floral oolong so maybe just an off day today


You are seriously out of control today! LOL

3 more sip downs! You can do it! :p


lol i’ve been up since uh… 7am on saturday morning?


That’s some dedication!!!!!


work sucks. so i’m playing the sipdown game to make it at least bearable… considering i’ll have been up more than 36hrs by the time i get to bed.

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24/28 sipdowns.

and no..no i don’t recommend this much tea in a weekend but then, if you only 2 hrs over the weekend, it’s not as difficult as it may seem given how many hours there are in the day. I’m still working…the migration finished forever ago but i need to fin tune something i need to launch today…and it’s giving me all sorts of grief. Add to that, the ppl who were supposed to get crap to me last week…and promised it to me this weekend…still not in my inbox sigh i’m soooo tired. i just want to eat and go to bed. and not go to work for a week!

This one is from variaTEA and is my favourite so far of the victorias tea whatever whatever teas… this has a nice raspberry taste to it, though i’m not getting a LOT of litchi…but it’s nice…and refreshing and would probably make an excellent cold brew. so thanks for sharing!

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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