The White Peony tells that jasmine to shut up and sit down in the back, where it has to wait for its turn like all the other flavors. I suspect this has much to do with the grapey-ness. White tea on its own isn’t usually a brave soul–thus, the addition of muscat serves as an attractive escort, holding the microphone steady for the white to get its bearings and speak. They make a wonderful duo. Moreover, the white gives credit where credit is due, allowing those fruity notes to share the spotlight while jasmine wavers in the background, going, “I’d like to just add a few words, if that’s ok.” This is actually a floral you could get excited about if you tried it cold-brewed, with each flavor emerging over the course of the long steep.

Please don’t pair this with anything, just enjoy on its own. Full review here: http://snooteablog.com/2013/07/07/snooty-tea-review-chai-diaries/

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