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Definitely wakes you up, but maybe not for the right reasons! I usually love black teas, even when there’s some bitterness, but there doesn’t seem to be too much to this flavor other than the bitterness. The tea has a nice smell to it that doesn’t come through in the actual taste, and the aftertaste is a bit rough.

At least it’s caffeinated so I’ll be awake for my classes…

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This tea has a simple, deep chai flavor. There was no noticeable bitterness, and I think it actually would have been okay to steep it a little bit longer, although it was by no means bland. Although I don’t usually like my tea with milk, chai is definitely one that goes fine with it.

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A very nice tea. The pear flavor and smell come through very well, although I don’t get much of the ‘carmelized’ among the green tea. There is some bitterness from the green tea. Definitely benefits from some sweetener.

I also love the tea bags this is in – they’re classy and seem to be as close to loose-leaf tea as teabags can get.

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The toasted rice flavor makes for a tea that feels warm and filling. It does not overpower the green tea flavors, but is instead a great complement to it. I particularly like genmaicha during winter-time. I cannot compare with other brands of genmaicha, but there is no detectable bitterness, and a great flavor. Cooling the water down before steeping and keep steeping time down may be important to avoid bitterness. It leaves a nice aftertaste from the toasted rice that can last quite a while.

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Sweet and full of cinnamon, this is a tea that stands on its own (and would not go too well with most food). It needs no sugar, and is full enough of spiciness and sweetness that a large cup never gets boring. The tea flavor is somewhat overpowered by the other herbs. Some tastes linger for longer than they’re welcome, and there may be one or two too many flavors (peppermint?!) But I’m glad I have this tea, and that it doesn’t seem to have gotten worse over several years.

Some of the flavors are more enjoyable as the tea cools to luke warm, so I will have to try it iced.

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