I was so excited to try out this new offering from A&D! Although I’m not a huge fan of Ceylons (from the few I’ve tried) , I trust that A&D has sold me only the very best of its kind.

Both dry and after steeping, this tea has a light fruity, malty scent.

The taste seems almost like raisin bread—but it’s very very subtle. They’re not kidding when they say this is “delicate”. It’s so mild, it’s almost not there. Totally innocuous.

So, in an effort to extract more flavor, I’ve kept this steeped for double the recommended time, but it has retained its gentle, smooth nature.

With this kind of “tame” flavor profile, I’m reminded of the “No Reservations” Holiday Special last year, where Tony tempered almost every acerbic comment with the disclaimer: “… [and I meant that] in a non-denominational, generic way.” This is sort of like that. I think this tea accommodates all tastes in an unoffending, non-denominational, generic way.

With that said, I think this will be a good choice for all those that prefer a mild-mannered, unassuming, well-behaved cup of tea.

But as for me, I just can’t help but wish that it stood out more—had more character, distinction or “kick”. But I guess that’s not how Ceylons are and I can respect that.

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69-60: Meh. I’m indifferent. Neither here nor there, this is Tea Purgatory. :/
59-under: Mediocre and Sad. Really not good enough to try again. A disappointment. :(

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