52 Tasting Notes


Once again, California Tea House delivers on amazing flavor!

Oh how I love this tea!

First off, there is a wonderful vanilla floral smell when I opened the bag. I am only sad to say it’s a sample bag & not the biggest bag humanly possible…well, for now anyway. But there is that wonderful aroma of delicious vanilla & something floral behind it. I thought it might be lavendar, but according to the ingredients it’s sunflower. Either way, it’s inviting.

It offers a promise of amazing flavor & once again, California Tea House delivers!

I made this today at work, which means I have to use a tea filter bag. No problem. I filled the filter bag generously with this wonderful smelling tea. As always my coworkers are complimenting me on the smell I am sharing with them. And it does give off a wonderful smell as it’s brewing.

And then there is that first sip…oh…so warm & so yummy! It’s offering me a wonderful experience this morning & a great way to greet the start of another crazy work week. Oh yes, this is a great way to start a crazy week.

So yes, I am rating this a perfect 100.
The smell before brewing is wonderfully vanilla with the floral hint behind it.
The smell during brewing is enough to invite others around you to want it.
The taste is perfect! The vanilla is definitely creamy & soft & not too overbearing. The Earl Grey is delightfully wonderful! And that floral note plays well with the vanilla & Earl Grey.

Overall, I am going to have to order more of this tea. It was perfect!

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Thanks Raul for the sample.

Okay, this is my first venture into the world of Yerba Mates…so this could change my desire to try others…but then again, I should try others to make a full decision on yerba mates in general.

Having stated that…
I didn’t care for this tea. I love lime & pistachio. And I love green rooibos. But just didn’t care for them in this combination. I brewed a pot with the sample given to me & I followed the steeping directions. The tea smelled good in the bag. I got the lime. I didn’t get much of the pistachio. And during brewing it was a lime smell mostly…but it seemed to get more faint & not more strong as I would have expected.

I added a little Sugar in the Raw thinking it would help bring out the flavor. Nope. I even added a fresh slice of lime. Nope.

But I did get a funky aftertaste like I would had I used Splenda as a sweetener. Is that normal for yerba mates? I don’t know…

Overall, I’m glad I got to try this tea, but I wouldn’t buy it. Sorry. Not my cuppa tea.

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After getting addicted to Oolong thanks to a sample from Mike on Citrus Oolong, I wanted to dive into another oolong flavor & fast. I’m pretty sure I have other oolongs to try, but being in a rush this morning, I grabbed this teabag to try.

Every day at work around 2pmish, it’s tea time. I try to grab something that has a good flavor to cheer myself up. Hey, I’m at work…anything will work! And today, the winner is Peachy Oolong from my friends at Adagio.

This teabag (tea pyramid) came as part of the tea chest set I bought during the holidays. Still love the tea chest. It really holds a lot. I just haven’t gotten around to trying all the flavors yet. This makes the second out of six that I have tried.

First off, I love the smell of the tea in the wrapper. There is no doubt this has pieces of peaches in it. Per Adagio’s directions, I used boiling water & let it steep for 5 minutes. Now here is where I’m probably going to get banned from Steepster, I left the teabag in the cup. This might be wrong to some people, but I really love that deep dark flavor.

For the record, I’ll probably make another cup soon as the first cup is now done.

I love this tea! It was rather refreshing & delightful & delicious! I love the dark color I got from letting the teabag sit in the water. I like that the peach flavor doesn’t overpower the oolong tea. It compliments. It’s like they were meant to be together just for my amusement. Wow! That’s good! I should be a writer!

But seriously, I’m learning to appreciate the re-steeping value of oolong’s. And I’m definitely going to have more of this tea on hand once I run out.

Thank you Adagio! Once again, you impressed me with the flavor!


Have to add….the second cup sat a little too long & cooled down. So it was a bit lukewarm by the time I got to it. I grabbed a cup of ice & iced it….definitely makes a lovely iced tea. Almost like Peach Snapple iced tea.

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Thanks to my new friend Mike for this tea.

First off, it smelled amazing in the tea filter. Just a wonderful scent of orange & maybe even tangerine? Overall, there is no doubt there is citrus in this tea.

This is my second Oolong tea to try & I have to admit, I am loving oolongs! They are seriously proving to be well worth the money spent as you can get several brews from one little spoonful.

The tea smelled wonderful during the brew of the first cup. I’m at work & had to use a tea filter bag & a few people in the cafeteria this morning wanted to know who was ‘cooking an orange’.

The first cup was warm & inviting & promised a wonderful flavor…it truly delivered! The first cup was gone almost instantly. I had to refill the cup & I’m admitting it freely, I’m on cup #3 right now as this is getting typed! I’m almost sorry I’m being greedy in making so many cups, but I don’t care.

There is definitely a little pick me up for me with this tea. Citrus teas that smell really good when dry often do this for me. I swear I think oranges really do give off some kind of energy boost!

Mike, thank you for sharing this tea. You were right. It is simply delicious!


Your very welcome!!!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it! :-D

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Thanks Raul for this tea!

For a teabag, I don’t expect much. But then again, I shouldn’t knock them since we’ve all had one at some point. This tea was wonderful!

I didn’t get too much of a scent when I opened the individual packet, but I wasn’t worried. I figured the true test is the taste. And there is plenty of that!

Slightly sweet with a light floral taste. I love it! Good tea. Definitely one to keep on hand for a quick pick me up.

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drank White Peony by Adagio Teas
52 tasting notes

When I first got into drinking loose leaf tea, Adagio Teas was the first place I found. I love that I am in a one day delivery zone & that they offer various teas at really reasonable prices. For us tea addicts, we strive for the best quality & pricing possible to help our addiction.

FYI….I’m very happy in my addiction!!

This White Peony is good. Not the best I’ve ever had, but it’s good. It’s typical white tea in the Earthy smell & taste. But I didn’t get the dark color that everyone else did when steeping. Maybe I used too little tea? Maybe they used too much? Who knows…who cares.

I enjoyed it. I might not rush out to order more & always have it on hand, but I would share a pot of it if someone asked me to brew it up.

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Ahhhh Adagio Teas….we meet once again.

Good morning my fellow Steepsters!

I needed a quick pick me up this morning since I was up way too late last night with my writing frenzy. I love when I get in the mood to put words onto paper. But this morning I have a few errands to run & before I can run out the door, I need a quick pick me up.

Enter Adagio Teas English Breakfast.
I had treated myself to a tea chest. I wanted one to show off during parties or for whenever friends stop over. Plus I figured I needed a place to store all the teabags I’ve got.

So the tea chest came with a variety of teabags. It’s loose leaf tea in a pyramid bag. I got the tea chest with English Breakfast, Peach Oolong, Chamomile, Cinnamon Spice & White Peony. This morning I grabbed the English Breakfast.

I love it!

It had a smell that I couldn’t quite place at first…but now I claim it as smoky. Very smoky. But I love it! Definitely wonderful on the taste buds for me. And I love the little energy kick I got from it. I used a little Sugar in the Raw in it, no milk.

I’m sure I’m going to have to get more when the teabags run out.

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So simple, so aromatic & so delicious!

I love white teas. I have been getting more into them lately & this flavor peaked my interest when I was at the California Tea House site. The reviews on their site were as positive as they are here on Steepster, so I picked up a sample bag.

I love the smell when you open this bag. There is something amazing about it. It smells sorta Earthy & yet there is something else, but I can’t quite name it. Maybe a light floral scent?

So I brew a pot. During the process a friend calls to say they are dropping over. No problem. I’ll share.

And then the first cup…delightful. Very light & inviting. Warming on this chilly NY night. Very flavorful even if I can’t quite name the undertones. But it definitely is a white tea, there is no doubt about it. And it’s a definite keeper.

I’ll be adding a bigger bag to my next California Tea House order.

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Once again I bought a sample of a tea based on the name…Buddha Hand. Come on…sometimes we all get a giggle out of a name!

First off, this tea is truly resteepable. I used one tea filter filled with a teaspoon & was able to get four 16oz cups out of it! I probably could have gotten a fifth cup, but decided I wanted a different flavor tea this afternoon. So for this, the tea is definitely worth the price!

As for the flavor…I would describe it as mellow, but a strong tea. I didn’t get too much citrus like others are claiming. There is a mild citrus taste. So maybe I didn’t make it strong enough? However I did get a bit of a buttery flavor that everyone keeps mentioning. It felt very creamy & smooth. And I only added a pinch of sugar. No milk.

This is my first Oolong tea, so I can’t compare it to anything just yet. But I did enjoy it & I did get a little energy boost from it.

I would definitely buy this tea again. And I will definitely now try other Oolong teas.


Oolongs are quite an adventure, and there are so many varieties to try. :))


I’m looking forward to trying others now. I enjoyed this one.


Oolongs are my favorite. Of all teas I have had, they are the sweetest and most fun. : )


I have to say, I’m sorry I only have the sample bag on it. I love that I was able to resteep it so many times. I like a good tea like that when I am at work since I can’t really make my tea the way I want. So this was a big bonus for me.

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drank Woman's Moon Cycle by Yogi Tea
52 tasting notes

This one is for us ladies….men, you should only buy it for the woman in your life.

I stumbled across this tea in my local Fairway. I have been wanting to try Yogi Teas as I read a few reviews on here & they were fairly good. So I saw this flavor & laughed. But then I actually read the label & decided to buy it.

Glad I did.

First off, it has a calming aroma about it during brewing. And there is a hint of a licorice flavor to it…which I liked.

So of course all the ladies & maybe even you guys want to know…did it help?
For me….YES! It definitely did. I felt relaxed & my cramps eased up. Maybe it was just my mind messing with me knowing this tea is labeled to help ease the cramps or maybe it’s the ingredients that actually work. But after one cup, I felt better.

I’m going to drink it again at the start of the next cycle. Maybe it will continue to work. I hope so.

If not, then I’m still going to drink it from time to time as I did enjoy the flavor.


Great review! I’m going to have to give it a try!


lol @ Wonks…


If my wife like tea the way that I do I would get her a box but I know she wouldn’t like it. Oh well. Good review Sunny!

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Avid tea drinker looking for another great tea to love!

I am going to start blogging about my tea drinking —> http://teatimewithsunny.blogspot.com/

And I blog about turning 40 & my celebrations for it —>

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