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The forms of entry, it is possible to say that, along with the direct expansion, when the company starts its business in a new country, opens its stores and develops its own networks offering both traditional and new products for young urban women as well as new target customer groups, there are other forms of entering new markets. One of the most effective is the merger and acquisition, which allows the company to acquire the facilities of companies operating on local markets and use them to develop its network in a new market. At the same time, the company does not always enter a new market under its own brand. For instance, Mango operates under the brand of MNG and Mango in North America. In such a way, to enter American market the company has to create a new brand to meet local requirements and preferences of local customers. In addition, the company has started to attract celebrities, who are known worldwide to promote its products and, thus, to facilitate the process of entering new markets. For instance, recently the company has announced that Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica will be designing a 25-piece collection for the chain to include accessories. In such a way, celebrities promote the brand of the company and draw the public attention to its products at the international level.
Furthermore, the international market expansion contributed to the structural changes within the company. In 2007, Mango created its first Board of Directors, chaired by Isak and Nahman Andik. All the members of the Board of Directors are partners and executive directors of Mango, who have been trained within the company (Garvin, 2008). In such a way, the company attempts to adopt the structure which is typical for multinational corporations to optimize its management and performance. At the same time, such changes are essential to maintain normal functioning of the company and maintain close contact between subsidiaries and the headquarter of the company. Subsidiaries are granted with certain autonomy but need to correlate its strategy with the corporate strategy.
Thus, in conclusion, it should be said that Mango, being one of the leading companies operating in the fashion industry, is currently focused on the international market expansion. Today, the expansion is one of the major strategic goals of the company which is determined by global trends and growing competition. At the same time, this strategy can improve the current position of the company and strengthen its position internationally.




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