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drank Muscat Oolong by Lupicia
1 tasting notes

Prior to entering the Lupicia shop in Kyoto I had never heard of muscat. Heck, even after buying the minimum 50g I still didn’t know what muscat was. The smell however, I knew that I loved it. Rich, fruity, thick and heavy. If their was a way to smother myself in muscat I would, which is why I’m paying a guy from craigslist to buy a bunch of muscat grapes and fill a bathtub with their jelly goodness for me to bathe in.

A cold brew was all I thought of, 10g in a large glass container left over night for 8+ hours. Gives me enough to drink over the course of a day.

I’ve yet to try a hot brew, but given the over powering flavour and scent of the oolong, I’m not to keen it would do justice.


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Fell in love with tea, so I went to Japan! I’ll be here for a few months before I fly away, but so long as I’m touring the Land of the Rising Sun, I think I’ll pause to take a few sips.



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