So I caved and went into Teavana again tonight. They’re always so enthusiastic about showing me a billion things and then I hope that I don’t crush them by only buying two items…I know that it is really competitive so normally I try and not take up too much of their time. We ended up getting this and some white chai because my husband wanted to pick something out for me that he’d think I’d like. :p He accidentally cheated because we’ve had it before.
This brews a strange purple color. To be honest, I know a lot of people are wanting a big POW of chocolate, but when I think of truffles, they may be chocolaty, but that isn’t everything that is going on. These smell just like these truffles that my mom used to get at restaurants when I was little. They had gold wrappers if anyone remembers them.
I always get confused by Teavana’s naming. I think they should fire their naming person because they’re always so weird and off what I think of when I smell/taste the blends. Why wonderberry I have to wonder. I would think that just hearing elderberries sounds exotic enough to get the blend sold. shrug that’s just me.
Huh. Someone mentioned this tasting like cherry cordials and I think they hit it on the nose! I used to hate them when I was a child, but my dad bought them all the time, we got little time together, so to save face I always gobbled them anyways! There is really not very much chocolate in this and I wouldn’t say that it is a bad thing; except the name says chocolate in it! Maybe adding more leaf will help that out. I’m not getting too much hibiscus in here either so that’s a good surprise. I just realized what this reminds me of: chocolate dipped jelly sticks. Like the ones that they sell around Christmas! I love those! This is an ok tea and I don’t know if I’d buy more, but I’ll play around with it a little.
I’m lowering this just a few notches because you know what? The roasted flavors are coming out more as it cools and they are really throwing off the chocolate/fruity vibe. I dislike that a lot!

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