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The Bold Scotsman from Tupelo Honey Teas is said to pay homage to The Outlander Series Books and Characters. I have to admit I haven’t read them but I will tell you what I think about this tea. It’s not the smokiest of smoky teas but there is still a bit of smoke, indeed!

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What I find I love about chamomile is that baked good honey flavor that helps promote that relaxing atmosphere. These sachets from Hope & Glory fit that bill perfectly.

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Summer of 2017. That is when Game of Throne fans have to wait until the next season. If only you could have heard me wailing when the last season’s final episode aired. . . Game of Thrones is one of those shows that either you are 100% in love with are not at all. I have yet to find a so-so fan. This show is one of the first ones that my hubby and I started to binge on when we first started dating. If you know the show, you can only imagine how uncomfortable that was for us, but we became addicted to the show first episode in. Anyway, let’s chat about this tea-a GoT fandomtea-Drogon from Grimoire Tea.

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Imagine a large crisp cold glass of a lemonade strawberry concoction with an orange twist. Now imagine this mixture of flavors with a green tea base, smooth rich and buttery. That is what you get when you drink Summertime Sunset from Akron House Tea Co.

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Okay…full disclosure here…I’m far from being a Sweet Tea Guru so when I receive Handcrafted Organic Green Tea Blended For Sweet Tea from Sweet Tea Junkie I’ve been carefully planning on how to tackle this review.

I would like to explain that a bit more. I grew up on PLAIN tea. No matter what kind of tea it is I drink it PLAIN. Even Chai. I’m sure it’s because I was raised about as much of a Yankee as one could grow up! My husband – on the other hand – LOVES Sweet Tea and grew up on that as a child.

Having said that I thought I would share with you my experiences with Handcrafted Organic Green Tea Blended For Sweet Tea from Sweet Tea Junkie. First I would like to come clean and tell you that I sampled this tea straight-up, as-is, and with nothing added – because that is how I roll.

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Rich luxurious vanilla tones that are smooth and decadent start the sip off with a hint of the bergamot here and there with a citrus finish. The black tea base really lays way for the rich flavors to really take the spotlight. Being one that is not a huge bergamot fan, I appreciated the hints here and there but not dominating the brew. The citrus notes were the perfect ending. Each sip is as smooth as the last, even as the tea cools.

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Our Guest Blogger SuperStarling reviewed this – check it out! Even some of her artwork within the post!


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