45 Tasting Notes

drank Bear Trap by DAVIDsTEA
45 tasting notes

Trail Mix Tea! That’s exactly what this tea smells like before it’s steeped. I’m not sure how to describe its taste though. It kind of reminds me of a strawberry grape juice mixture. Without honey it tastes like a traditional fruit punch tea, but with a tsp. of honey it changes the taste and brings out the strawberry flavor in it the most.

Pouring the hot water over the tea it immediately turns the color of grape juice. Overall, the tea tastes really good, and I will be drinking it again. It’s a good fruity tea.

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
45 tasting notes

Shinny! This tea looks amazing first off! I’ve never seen a tea literally shimmer…but this stuff did. It was like looking into a cup of stars. So pretty looking I almost didn’t want to drink it. And as I drizzled my honey in, the shimmers swirled around so elegantly…if that’s possible in tea??

Anyway, dry this tea has a nice sweet smell to it, but not too sweet. Looking at the ingredients (sugar crystals and gold sugar balls)-lots of sugar seemed to be added to this tea, so I was a little nervous about this tea being too sweet.

This tea has a nice aroma during/after steep as well. It reminds me of fall/winter teas. I wouldn’t mind buying another package of this tea.

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MMMmmmm….Chocolaty! Loving this tea!


I’ve been wanting to try this tea, check out my cupboard and message me


I would love to share, but unfortunately this was only a sample. :( I’m thinking of making a future purchase though! :)


@kai123- I have plenty left and will be happy to mail you some!

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
45 tasting notes

Delicious tea! Although I wish the mint in it was a little stronger…but that’s just me. I like my teas to have a big minty flavor to them. Otherwise this is a good tea. Thanks for the sample DT!

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Drinking this tea now. All I can really smell is the green tea in this, with a little hint of fruit (but hardly). The green tea in this is REALLY strong, so if you don’t like green tea you will NOT like this tea.

The flavor is still good, I just wish they would have put more kiwi taste in it. It is called “Kiwi’s Big Adventure”, therefore I would think I would have been hit with both and explosion of kiwi/fruity aroma and taste, but it was lacking for sure. The taste just doesn’t compare to the name it was given.

It has a beautiful green color to it, and looks beautiful in my new clear perfect tea mug (also by DAVIDsTEA), just wish it tasted as good as it looked. I put 2 tsp of honey in a 8-12 oz glass of tea and it still didn’t bring out the fruity flavor…but still not a bad tea.

Overall, not a bad tea, just could have been better. I would definitely drink it again, I just probably would not purchase it again.

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drank Goji Pop by DAVIDsTEA
45 tasting notes

This tea is quite tasty! Very fruity. This tea also has a nice aroma to it before and after it is steeped. I added a tsp. of honey to this and it was perfect.

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drank Red Velvet Cake by DAVIDsTEA
45 tasting notes

So excited to try this tea today! It came in the mail yesterday as I was leaving for work…. :( But, today is a new day and time to try some new tea!!!

First off, even with a cold this tea smells good. Reminds me of cake! And as odd as this may sound…the tea itself seems a lot more moist than traditional black tea. Everything about this tea reminds me of a red velvet cake.

As the I poured the hot water over my cake tea there was a thin layer of foam, which made the tea look more like a coffee beverage. The smell of the tea was not masked by the water either. As I poured the water, the scent actually grew stronger. I haven’t even tasted the tea yet (as it cools), and I’m already loving it.

Finally the taste test! I always put a little honey in my tea (usually a tsp, but lately been weening myself off with half a tsp.), but I make sure to always try my tea before I add my honey. This tea really had that cake taste to it, but I’m still going to add honey to see if it will bring the flavor out a little more. I have noticed with DT honey is almost always needed to make their tea taste like it sounds.

So here goes….honey it, tea cup in hand…..tastes good! I would beware though, too much honey could ruin this tea. I put 1/2 tsp. of honey in and I can almost taste the honey over the tea itself. I think if I would have put an entire tsp. in it probably would have tasted like honey tea rather than a red velvet cake tea.

Overall, this is a pretty good tea. I purchased 100g of this tea, and I’m sure once valentines day passes this tea will be discontinued until next season. While this tea is good, I’m sure if I run out I will be find going without this tea until it comes back next valentines day.

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drank Cola Chai by Kally Tea
45 tasting notes

Okay, I’ve let this tea sit for a bit (unintentionally) and I have discovered it tastes a little more like cola cold than it does hot. It tastes like an off brand of coke. Not a tea I’d drink all of the time, nor is it a tea I will buy again, but if offered to me I’d drink it.

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drank Cola Chai by Kally Tea
45 tasting notes

Hmmm….I find this tea interesting. It tastes good, but I’m not sure if I taste cola in it. Maybe it is because I have a cold, but for now all I can taste is the traditional chai flavor. It has a nice spice to it and I put two tsp of honey in this. I believe my cold is messing with me because I NEVER put that much honey in my tea.

I could kind of smell the cola before it was steeped, but not so much once I started steeping it. Once again, this is probably because of my cold.

I will definitely be trying this tea again when I feel better, therefor I’m going to leave my rating for another time; until then, it is still a pretty good tea.

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drank Wild Watermelon by Kally Tea
45 tasting notes

Mmmmm! To be honest I was a little nervous about purchasing a watermelon flavored tea. It’s one of those things where you like the actual fruit/flavor of so much you are afraid to find out you don’t like it as a tea.

However, even with my fear I decided to go and try some of Kally Tea’s Wild Watermelon since it was at such a good price. I’ve never purchased anything from Kally Tea, but I can tell you from this one experience I will be making some future purchases.

Getting to the point, yes I would buy this tea again. It has a very nice “watermelony” flavor. I added a little bit of honey and it made it that much better.

Before I even began steeping this tea I had to take a nice sniff in the bag…lol (that sounds odd I know). And having a cold I was still able to smell the sweetness. I’m pretty sure it is because of my cold, but it took me a little bit to really smell the watermelon in there. At first it smelled like a cool aid powder, very sweet and fruity, but soon I was able to smell the watermelon coming through.

I like this tea a lot because I feel it tastes like it is supposed to. It’s not overly sweet, and it actually tastes like a good watermelon.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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I’m new to the tea world, and I have recently become addicted to this stuff! I love the flavored teas the most. I actually used to hate tea (wish I would have discovered my love for it earlier on) because when I was in my teens I was given a flavorless tea with no sweetener, and as a child, that was a big turn off. Now as an adult I have truly learned to love tea. I am trying as much of it as I can. I still haven’t brought myself to try any of the more simple (non-flavored) teas, but I hope one day I can learn to love them just the same.


Maryland, USA



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