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After hearing so many wonderful things about this tea, I got it as a latte at David’s. Heaven in a cup. This isn’t only the best tea in their fall/seasonal/holiday lineup…it’s one of the best teas they have, period. Naturally I bought some loose to make at home as well. This is basically a warm slice of pie in a cup. If you are a sweet potato pie fan, this tea is a must have, but I also feel compelled to urge people to try it even if they aren’t a sweet potato pie fan. You might not enjoy the pie itself, but you will enjoy this tea. It’s spiced just right, not being overly spiced, and letting it’s sweetness shine through. The cinnamon, marshmallows and pecans compliment the sweet potato notes so well. I just can’t express enough how much I love this flavor. I need to stock up because I’m pretty sure I’ll be going through my 2 oz bag extremely quickly. I know Sweet Potato is a seasonal flavor but I would love for it to be available all year. Or at the very least, a guarantee that it will be back each year for the holiday season.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Marshmallow, Pecan, Sweet Potatoes

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I’m sipping this one now, and I love it. The first time I had this, I bought a cup of it as a hot latte, and thought it was so roasty and delicious. Since then I have bought some loose to make at home, and I’m really enjoying it. I agree with many reviewers on here that it does not taste like Maple Syrup & Pancakes, but I’m okay with that. Instead this taste like a delicious, dark, nutty, roasted oolong, with a hint of a maple/caramel flavor in the background. I like it because it’s not overdone. I don’t mind a tea that is drenched in Maple, but I’ve already had teas like that. I like that this one is more roasted tasting with the maple lightly lingering. I feel like if dark, roasted oolongs are you think, give this one a try. I’m hoping it stays in their lineup. I’m also really eager to have a Maple flight and have this in the mix.

Flavors: Maple, Nutty, Roasted

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