As soon as I took the box out of its plastic wrapper I was struck by a stunning fruity/berry smell; this is the type of tea that you feel compelled to stick under the nose of anyone nearby and order them to sniff. By the time I had brewed it the whole kitchen smelled divine and the tea itself was a deep, jewel red.

Taste-wise I found this to be a really nice, strong tea that unmistakably captures the full flavour of a raspberry; sweetness backed with a nice tangy note. I can’t comment on whether it contains a hint of dragonfruit (I’m honestly not sure if I’ve even EATEN a dragonfruit before) but I can say this was a tasty tea!

I wouldn’t recommend steeping this tea any longer than I did; mine had developed a note of bitterness that actually kind of worked with the tea but if it was left any longer it would have become overpowering. There was no need for any sugar as it was sweet enough on its own and i stuck to the brewing instructions in respect to not having milk.

EDIT: I just tried making an iced tea with this tea and it turned out wonderfully; it has a nice tea flavour with a light, fruity aftertaste that was ideal in the heat we are currently experiencing.

To make this iced tea I steeped five teabags for five minutes in a liter of 90°C water, added half a cup of sugar and added it to a liter of cold water and some ice cubes. I personally think that next time I might reduce this to a quarter cup of sugar instead; it was slightly too sweet (I’ve never actually tried to make iced tea before and based it off of a recipe I found online)

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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