34 Tasting Notes

drank Exotica by DAVIDsTEA
34 tasting notes

Ok so I started back to class and that means I am back logged bad on my tea logs! I got my Davids order (1st one ever!!) and was really happy with my purchases for the most part. This tea is not my all time favorite, and I probably won’t repurchase it, but I’m thinking I am going to try it iced and I may have better luck with it cold. There is just something about it I don’t like hot- too much spice or something. I feel like the tea is good quality and very flavorful, it just doesn’t suit my tastes. Wish me better luck with it iced :)

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drank Bamboozled by DAVIDsTEA
34 tasting notes

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I got this a couple days and am just now getting around to reviewing it! I am drinking it again this morning and I’m really enjoying it. I ordered two teas from Mandala and they were both winners. This is sooo milky tasting, I added a little sweetener and that brought the milk taste out even more. So far in my exploration of milk oolongs, this is my favorite! I will definitely be ordering from Mandala again, I’m impressed by the quality of the teas and customer service:)


Ooh, I gotta get this! I really want to order something from Mandala Tea but at the same time there’s so many other places I haven’t ordered from yet and that I absolutely want to try out… Just off the top of my head: Butiki, Verdant, Harney & Sons, American Tea Room, and so the list goes on and on!


I so want to order this from Mandala but their shipping to Canada has put me off… I might break down one day and do it anyways… lol


Hi! Kat! Happy you are enjoying this tea! Thanks for writing up your thoughts!

@Kamyria: we have been shipping to Canadian customers for sometime. We just charge actual usps rates. We never make money on the shipping. We charge for shipping so we don’t have to pad the prices of our teas. There really is no such thing as free shipping as the cost has to be built in somewhere. We’d love to ship you some teas and if there are things that you are wanting, just let us know what and in what amounts. We can then calculate the USPS shipping and get you a quote. As always, you’ll get some samples to try, as well. We have a lot of very happy Canadian customers.

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I got this in the mail yesterday and drank some this morning as I was getting ready for work. Here lately my mornings have been a race to see how many caffeinated teas I can try before I have to leave for work lol and this was the last one I got in! This was my first order to mandala and when I opened the box there was a handwritten note from them, which I thought was really nice, and 2 samples which was also really cool because my order was small. I am very happy with the way they treat their customers so far! Would definitely re-order based on that alone. On to the tea… This tea smelled wonderful brewing! I love the smell of jasmine! It was not overwhelming though. The taste was subtle and not overwhelming. I could definitely see this being a jasmine tea for someone who does not usually like jasmine teas. The jasmine doesn’t hit you right in the face. I really enjoyed this and can’t wait to try to the milk oolong that I ordered along with this!


Thank you for the review, my friend! Glad to hear you enjoyed the dragon pearls. It’s funny, before I found this particular producer for our dragon pearls, I never enjoyed green jasmine teas much. One of the differences is that these are authentically scented with fresh jasmine pedals and not sprayed with jasmine oils like many are. That is what gives this tea lasting flavor and the “not in your face” perfume wallop that some green jasmines have. I purport that authentic scenting is much more beneficial to flavor, mind and body. Enjoy! And thank you! Most of our customers report getting 10 to 15 steepings from the leaf. Grateful, Garret


Your welcome! Thanks for the info about the steepings… I am brand new to loose leaf tea and just now learning how things work. I figured it could get a couple but I had no idea I could get so many! That’s amazing:) thanks for an awesome product!

carol who

Also that from me. I had no idea either about 10-15 steepings and since i haven’t gotten into green jasmine teas yet it’s helpful to learn about jasmine petal vs oils.

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So I got a bunch of samples from Fusion Teas and so far I have been on the fence about most of them, but I tried this one this morning and I really like it! I am usually not a huge strawberry fan, but this is balanced perfectly for my tastes. Eventually I am going to get around to getting a big bag of this! Love!

carol who

Very Velvet Oolong sounds very good. I like strawberry so that would be nice this cold, cold winter. Hey, I just like the name! I would try it for that reason alone.

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Love this! this is my favorite rooibos blend so far, it doesn’t have a super woody taste and no weird after tastes like I sometime get with rooibos teas and it just has a great blueberry flavor. I like to add cream and sweetener to this and drink it after dinner, which is what I did tonight. I am on my second 2 oz bag of this and I will definitely buy more when it’s gone.

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So when I was putting this in my infuser, I did not see any actual tea in it, just pieces of dried fruit. Since normally I only buy herbal (nontea) tea from Teavana, I have not noticed this before. This discovery has brought me to the decision that I will stick to only buying herbals from them in future, because while I love herbal tea, this was supposed to be an oolong lol. At least on the bright side, this probably has very little caffeine in it. This has a very fruity aroma and a very fruity taste, and to my surprise there is some tea flavor that comes out in the taste of this tea. I am fan of pears, so I was excited to try this tea, and it does have a nice pear flavor. I drank it hot, but it seems like it would also be good iced. This is a nice tea, but not something I would repurchase.

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So since I got a couple different things in the mail today I have to try multiple things!! This was on sale at Teavana online and since I was getting some more Zingiber Coconut (sp?) I decided to try some of this too since it was only like 3 dollars for two ounces. I have tried hot chocolate with some kind chilis in it before and really liked it, so I was hoping that the chili flavor would stand out. There was a slight chili twist, but it was mostly fruit and chocolate. I also added cream and sweetener so this was a sugary treat that I really enjoyed, and I read somewhere that if you brew this tea on the stove that the chili flavors come out more. Maybe someday I will try that, but tonight I was just to lazy.

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I am 32 years old and have always liked tea, but just recently realized that there is much more to tea than just the tea bags at the grocery store. I am very excited to have started my tea journey!


Southern Ohio

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