64 Tasting Notes


Pretty average. A wee bit bitter and astringent and definitely not top-notch. A high step above your average bagged teas, but well below the Assams I usually buy.

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At 195*: Well blended flavour profile. Muscatel fruitiness, but not as blatant as some of the other FF. Overall, I love it, but I think I prefer the Giddapahar, just because it gave me more of a wow sensation. This is nice and mellow, yet still interesting. Not very sweet. Robust. A good first flush, and I look forward to Thurbo’s second. I realise a lot can happen in between flushes, but something about this one makes me think their second may really shine.

It’s too demure to really get me excited, but I would buy this tea and drink it consistently. I just wouldn’t find myself with the urge to weep when I used it up, like I have been tempted to do sometimes with other estate flush teas.

…Later: 205* Demure is definitely not a word I’d use to describe this baby when you up the temperature a little. It’s got great notes of muscatel and hay. Really aromatic and quite spectacular.

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drank Maruyama by Maiko
64 tasting notes

Sweet, smooth, vegetal, incredible. This rocks my world.

Would happily lay down the coin for this.

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It’s not flat, but I don’t find it very flavourful in the first steep. In the second, a nice lemon character comes out.

Good texture and nice, sharp aftertaste. Simple and good, but there are other Fukas I would buy before this one.

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Milky and sweet. Very different from the Silver Needle teas I’m used to, and the uniqueness is welcome. This is splendid. Absolutely worth every penny.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec
Geoffrey Norman

Oooooo, I’ve gotta try this.

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Sweet without being too sweet. Cakey. Creamy. The walnut is a brilliant touch.

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This tea probably deserves more than my lazy Steepster tasting notes. And yet…

It’s good. Among the best shincha I’ve had, though not my absolute favourite. It’s also not my favourite Maiko tea, but it’s quality, and I would not be disappointed if I bought it.


What is your favorite?

Katie Cooper

I don’t tend to have a single favourite of any tea; there are always several in any given day. However, the one that comes to mind right now is Den’s 2010 Houryoku. It really meshed with my tastes.


I really liked that one, too.

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My stomach is currently a raging torrent of fire, and this is basically the only thing in my cupboard I’m reasonably sure won’t make it worse.

Thanks, London Fruit & Herb Co. I love this stuff.

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Thanks to TeaEqualsBliss for this beaut.

A no-nonsense, simple, light green with a great natural sweetness. A very pleasant green.

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