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I do believe my pu-erh seems to be holding up okay in my homemade storage (which is in a wood drawer with a small cup of water and florist foam). I hope to drink down a few of my samples this year. I reviewed this one about a couple years ago but it was reviewed under the 2013 version of this tea. It hasn’t changed a lot in that time. It is still smooth with no bitterness and a nice light apricot taste to it. It’s not very complex but it does hold up well under many steeps.

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This was a sample sent with my last Yunomi order. First brew on this was at 60C for 30sec. The tea was very grassy, astringent and bitter.
Second brew was at 80C for 10 seconds. Still bitter, grassy & astringent. The colour of the tea was a deep murky mossy green. I was not very happy with this sencha. It was too bitter even at low temperatures and the grassiness was too extreme.

Flavors: Astringent, Bitter, Grass

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Another sip down. Down to 100 teas now. Enjoying the last of this moonlight tea this morning. Trying to wake up but even though I slept well last night. I am so tired. Just can’t keep my eyes open. Even passed up having my green tea to go for something with a little more caffeine but I don’t feel a thing yet.
This is a delicious tea. It’s got the deep sweet honey taste with a malt and a bit of hay. There is supposed to be hints of flowers and lychee fruit in this tea but I am not getting it. On my 3rd infusion. Maybe my taste buds haven’t woken up yet.

So this tea is listed under blacks in YS’s website. Scott writes that it’s a white processed like a black tea. However it’s pressed like a pu-erh tea. Does that make it a pu-erh and does it age?

Flavors: Hay, Honey, Malt


I asked Scott if you could age this tea, and he said that you could. I wonder what age will do to this tea!

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Sipdown! I am now at 101 teas! How exciting. I hope to be at 80 or less by spring.

So this tea is a chai tea. I am not fond of chai teas and ingredients like ginger and sage make me cringe. However, this tea is quite pleasant. The white tea base is very sweet. The spicy mixture is more cardamon to me with just a bit of ginger and sage. If I was a chai tea fan, I would probably love this tea. Since I am not, I will enjoy this tea today and say goodbye to it.

Flavors: Cardamon, Ginger, Sage, Sweet


you can dooo eeet!!


Thanks Sil! I just have to avoid temptation. I’ve wanted to place orders already but I know I have enough teas to keep me drinking for awhile.

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drank Karigane #22 by Kettl
638 tasting notes

This tea was so mind blowing good when it was fresh. It has gone from being that good to being barely mediocre. Not surprising since I purchased this in Sept 2015. Still leaving my high rating though. I know this tea is outstanding when fresh. I only have a teaspoon left so not a lot of it went to waste. Looking forward to ordering some of this in the spring.

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Wow, I got this tea back in April 2015 and it’s still good. Hard to believe! Royal Tea Bay did not have very good greens on the order I made in the fall of 2016. In fact most of them were so bad (I suspect already old when I got them); I threw them out. Yet this tea is still amazing.

I brewed up today in my red cast iron teapot for Hubby & I trying to used up that small amount I have left of this tea. It’s still a winner. Buttery, milky, floral & sweet.

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drank 2008 Shou Mei by White 2 Tea
638 tasting notes

I couldn’t find this tea in the database so added it. White 2 Tea doesn’t seem to carry this year anymore either. It was only a sample size I have. I had it before but didn’t leave a review and noted on the package that it was too mild and that I needed to use more leaf for next time.

So I emptied the entire contents into my clay gaiwan. It was about 8-9g. That’s a lot of leaf for me but I am so glad I used that amount. This tea is sweet like honey and a bit of hay. There’s a note of sweet dates too. Very delicious. Not strong at all yet it brews up a medium golden colour.

I’ve had a few infusions so far and am pretty sensitive to caffeine. With most pu-erh teas I would be feeling the caffeine rush at this point. With this tea , I don’t. It seems to be very light in caffeine.

I am quite impressed with this tea and may buy some of this from White 2 Tea for the 2014 version. They actually have it listed as a white tea and not pu-erh. This one I had was in a pressed cake so I assumed it was a white pu-erh.

Flavors: Dates, Hay, Honey

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I wrote a review for this tea yesterday. Then I was making a correction on it and wiped the whole thing out. I hate when that happens.

Verdant sent me a sample of this tea with my order in December and I was pretty excited to try it. This is a herbal tea and it’s supposed to be something like their Laoshan green. I love green tea. If I could drink green tea in the evenings I would; but for me all caffeine is cut off late afternoon and I switch to herbal teas. I thought this tea was going to be a replacement for a green; but I don’t think that’s the case. It is a very different tea on it’s own.

Dry, the leaves certainly look like Laoshan Green. You can see that on Verdant’s website. They don’t smell the same though and brewed up it’s very different. I brewed this gongfu method following Verdant’s methods on their website. First infusion was very strong of roasted flavour. Like roasted barley, toasted rice, & roasted nuts. I am not a fan of roasted teas but I will enjoy them occasionally. I just found it was a bit strong. By infusion 4 the roasted flavour toned down a bit and it was a little more vegetal.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the tea but anyone who loves roasted flavour will love this. I also would like to know what plant this tea is from and what are the health benefits/concerns with drinking it. On Verdant’s website they say it’s from the Jujube leaves. When I do a search for Jujube it’s mostly about eating the fruit of the plant and never the leaves.

Flavors: Roast nuts, Roasted Barley, Toasted Rice, Vegetal

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Green teas are my favourite teas but I also enjoy: white, some herbal,rooibos, raw pu’erh, light oolongs, a little bit of black , and a little bit of ripe pu’erh. I have moved away from artificial flavourings and there’s hardly anything left in my cabinet with artificial flavouring or colours. It is mostly straight teas or tea blends.


Ontario , Canada

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