Okay. OKAY.

I re-organized my tea cupboard this afternoon. And much of my house. It looks a little nicer in areas. As a reward, the beau offered to make tea. I had intended to try this one out earlier (which spawned the tea cupboard re-orgaanization, which in turn led to cleaning everything else. Obviously I got side-tracked). So, I chose this one!

The dry smell is delicious – blueberry heaven. Now, I have two blueberry teas, which taste extremely different from each other. And this one smells (and tastes!) totally different again. I really like this. I don’t know that I get cream cheese or danish, BUT I do get the smell of homemade blueberry pancake mix, so obviously, there’s a bit of a dough aspect in there somewhere. I lit up like a kid at Christmas when I looked in the teapot and saw 5 ENORMOUS blueberries swimming in there. The tea leaves were also really large, and these factors only increased my excitement.

First sips are yummy. Big bold blueberry flavour, still reminds me of my pancakes. I get a hint of tea at the end of the sip and I am over-all very impressed. For a blueberry tea It’s high 90s. For a cream cheese danish, it’s much lower, but I’m rating it on how much I like it, not on whether it tastes like a pastry!

The beau says it won’t do a re-steep, but I might try it out anyway. Those blueberries look like they have oodles of flavour to release yet.

EDIT: big thanks to Meghann M for sending me this delight in my package of awesome. I’m slowly making my way through the ranks and have been delighted every step of the way!

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I’ve been drinking loose tea since 2010 and my tastes have changed a lot over those years. For the last few, I’ve been a fan of unflavoured Chinese blacks and shu puerh. I still drink other things, but that’s where I am.

I live in a rural area with my husband, cat, and soon to be firstborn. I love tea, reading, doctor who, knitting, crosswords, board games, the marvel universe, and lots of other things.

I’m not often rating teas numerically any more but I want to leave this to explain my past ratings:
I try to only log teas once or twice because I drink a lot of the same ones repeatedly. My rating is based on my perception of the tea at first tasting and is adjusted if anything notable occurs in subsequent cups. I may also factor in the price and customer service but try to note that when I can.

81 – 100: These are great teas, I love them, regularly stock them or savour them as unique treats.
71 – 80: These are solid. I drink them, I like them, I may or may not keep them on hand regularly. This is still good stuff.
61 – 70: Just okay. I can drink it, but it doesn’t stand out to me. Might be lower quality, not to my taste, or outside my comfort zone.
41 – 60: Not likely to keep drinking…hoping hubby will enjoy!
0 – 40: No thank you, please. Take it away and don’t make me finish the cup.



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