55 Tasting Notes


“Heaven! Must be missin some tea leaves!”

:clears throat: Let me compose myself a little before I begin.

I recently visited a Persian restaurant that had a little market within that sold Iranian goods. From the description of their teas on the menu, I was more than a little curious to try some tea. Before I ordered my main meal, I perused the market and spotted this beautiful tin of Ceylon tea with bergamot. You know what that means, ladies and gents, don’t you? Why it means Earl Grey, of course. My absolute favorite of all the teas. So soothing. So refreshing. So delicious!

I quickly put it on my table so that it could be added to our bill. When the friendly host saw that I’d purchased a tea, he came to see which one and was happy to tell me the one I’d chosen was his favorite. That had me even more excited to try it!

I got home, opened the foil bag within the tin, and breathed it… heaven.

The tea leaves are nice and large, not ground up like some other loose leaf teas. And the bergamot is nice and heavy, just as I love! I now have this tea every. Single. Day. At least once, and I’m nowhere near ever getting sick of it. Also note, I’m a heavy steeper. I don’t remove the tea at any point (unless it’s one of the stronger black teas because I love it strong.)

Where my bergamot buds at? This tea is for us!

Flavors: Bergamot

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Harney & Sons is one of my favorite companies for black teas. No one puts out as many hits as them in my opinion. From their Earl Grey to their Holiday tea, they alway impress and leave me wanting another cup.

As for their green teas, I’d only ever had Cherry Blossom green by them. A surprisingly delightful tea considering I don’t tend to enjoy fruity teas.

Last night, I went to a Japanese buffet with my husband and one of our friends. They didn’t have pots of teas for the table, only cups. And only one tea: Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha.

At first, I found the tea absolutely delightful. However, when I got to the bottom, things got a little odd. Usually, I leave my tea bags in the entire time because I like it strong. Very few teas are too strong for me to handle the bag being kept in for longer than a few minutes (Yorkshire for example). When I reached the bottom of this tea, I was met with an extremely tart finish that I’d never experienced with a proper green before. When enjoying a cup of tea, you don’t want those last sips to ruin your entire cup. And that’s why this doesn’t get a very high rating from me.

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A friend picked this up for me at the Ren Faire and I love it! The high note of this is the oolong, but I can taste a hint of something else that might be a green tea.

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drank Tsarevna by Kusmi Tea
55 tasting notes

I have a special relationship with Kusmi Tea’s Prince Vlad. It is heaven. It is joy. It is love. The company that makes it is also very generous, and always sends samples of other teas to try. Gift with purchase? Everybody loves that!

This was among the three teas they sent along with my dear Prince Vlad.

The description on the single serving bag (black tea, spices, orange) made me think that this would be close to an Earl Grey. Oh, the error of my thinking.

First sip: No. But maybe I didn’t give this a proper try.

Second sip, followed by a few more consecutive sips: My taste buds are no longer on speaking terms with me.

This reminds me of a rooibos, only more unsettling since I thought I was going to send my mouth on an earl grey journey. Website shows it has licorice. That explains things.

Flavors: Licorice

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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This one shocked me in two ways:
1) I’d never seen the elusive American Breakfast with my own eyes.
2) It tastes like Yorkshire or PG Tips.

Very strong, very pleasant, and very black.

And of course the American tea would have 50% more caffeine. It’s the American way.

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This tea is my idea of heaven. I discovered it at a local tea room in Delray called Shaffer’s and it’s now the only thing I drink whenever I go there. Apart from the lovely moniker, the taste and aroma are spellbinding to an Earl Grey lover. Even the blue hue of some of the flowers in this loose tea are breathtaking. I could seriously compose a sonnet to this tea.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I’d had pumpkin chai in my cupboard for a couple of years and never had another chai mash-up before until now. This is really quite devine. The vanilla is nice and light and really compliments the chai in a very delicious way. Another one of those teas that I’d prefer to drink in cold weather that Florida does not permit me to experience.

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It’s one of those teas that cares more about being organic than tasting good.

Read full review on http://bunnyscuppa.blogspot.com/2014/02/teatulia-earl-grey.html

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I’ve only been immersed in the world of tea since about 2012. Emilie Autumn’s advocacy of the beverage really made me want to get brewing and enjoying this drink I knew so little of for all my life. Now my cabinets overfloweth! Also, I drink all my teas plain…. because I’m just that gangster, yo.





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