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Although I tried this many times, People’s Green was too grassy for me (as in I went to my yard & mowed some for tea). I have a couple of traveler’s tins of this and when stuck away from home and mistakenly taking only these, haven’t been able to find the taste that I can enjoy in this tea.
I’ll try it with some of my stronger teas to see if it can be moderated; otherwise it’s going in my swap pile. #tea

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Trying this for the first time was quite a shock — way too much cinnamon & cloves to the nose, so strong to the point I questioned whether I wanted to make a cup with it or not. Alas, the taste is just as overpowering. There is too much cinnamon & cloves to let the nutmeg, ginger & cardamon shine in harmony with them. It’s like someone slapped me upside the head with a branch of that cinnamon tree instead of singing the the flavors of chai.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big fan of cinnamon & cloves (and the rest of the spices), in fact I’ll add them at the drop of a hat to most recipes. In comparison, I really enjoy the RoT White Chai but this Stash tea goes into my swap pile. #tea

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you’ve explained the problem with this tea very well! I’m sadly still stuck with 6-8 bags of it. Getting hit upside the head by a cinnamon tree is no fun :(


Too true! ;-)

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This is one of my favorites as well. I love the cardamon & cinnamon scents and flavors. Unfortunately, I find this is one I cannot re-steep for the same taste as the first cup. Still love the first though.

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I find this delicate white tea a great pick-me-up in the morning, if I have enough time to enjoy rather than toss back a mug and run. #tea

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Drink this straight all day when working. Can taste the cardamon & other flavor notes clearly. One of my favorites. #tea

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I’m 57, used to be I/T project & program manager and live with a pug (Rhumba). I drink white- and green teas almost exclusively to cut down on caffeine.

I enjoyed black tea in college when I drank gallons all day long. Unfortunately the only tea available then was Lipton & Nestea. sigh What a difference now, in the stores and with the Internet.

I’ve been inspired by all of your taste notes to try different manufacturers, URLs, and flavors, so thank you Steepers.


Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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