408 Tasting Notes

drank Violette by Dammann Freres
408 tasting notes

Sorry wasn’t able to find out a picture of thé Violette !
It isn’t sold on Dammann’s online website.

I bought it directly at the shop place des Vosges, so I’ll need to take my own pic of it .

It is a really pleasant tea.
First the scent of violet is fantastic, the liquor color is deep and we get immediately the violet note.

I had it in the morning , half of the cup plain, the other half with with black crystal sugar + a splash of milk.

I loved both methods.

This is nice but not on my Dammann top list.

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drank Genmaicha by Kusmi Tea
408 tasting notes

First time I met this tea, I burned my tongue ! It was in a big department store in Paris where Kusmi has a corner.
The salesmen always prepare a large volume of one tea and offer it to the potential clients around.
This is a very kind and marketed attention …but they should have warned that it was incredibly hot :)
Anyway I found this tea quite good as soon as my taste buds went out of a burning coma.

I have a small tin of it and had the chance to prepare it home.
This is a very pleasant but quite light Genmaicha.
Not my favourite one but rice and popcorn are really present and there is absolutely not bitterness.

Nice to begin with Genmaicha

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drank Jardin Bleu by Dammann Freres
408 tasting notes

This tea is really delicious and you can pick easily strawberry.
It gives a very very fruity & sweet taste.

Rhubarb is more subtile and more complicated to detect but it arrives at after taste.

The black tea base is really perfect to reveal the flavours.
It’s not too mild but not too strong neither so this is tea to drink in the afternoon to my opinion.

On certain aspects it makes me think to the Thé du Hammam black leaf of Palais des thés.It contains red fruits and rhubarb as well.

I’m going to compare these 2 teas by drinking it one after the other and will put another note for that.

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Which house do you like most: Dammann, Mariage, or Palais des Thés? :)


Well definitively not Palais des Thes.
Then it s’hard for me to choice between Dammann and Mariage.
I cannot choice …Mariage is more famous but Dammann is his only real rival in terms of quality (just speaking for the French brands)
Let s’say my perfect tea is a mariage (pleine lune) but I am sure I ll find soon a DF I d’love enough to rate with 100 …


I love DF Coquelicot Gourmand! Their Osmanthus Oolong is good, too.


I think the name of it is dreamy :)

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Pleine Lune is MY tea : the one I would keep with me if I was obliged to live on a desert island for years (hoping I could boil some water on the island !)

I love everything in Pleine Lune : the loose leaf full of wonderful petals of flowers (blue & yellow), the amazing smell of almonds of the dry leaf, the quality of the black tea base and the flavours after infusing.

The main flavours are really almond and honey.

To me Pleine lune is an opulent tea.

Pleine Lune is one of the best seller of Mariage Frères, a very popular tea of the Mariage card.

Some people have it with sugar and milk, I don’t. I have it plain because it’s already a very sweet and generous tea.

I drink it every morning when I have time enough (the week end so !) because I refuse to drink it quickly without paying attention enough to it.

I can really say : Pleine Lune you’re a star …at least you’re MY star.


On my wish list now! :) Sounds dreamy!


WOAH it was already ON my wish list … now it makes me think its supposed to be ordered!!!


I’m looking forward to see you tea note :) If you like creamy teas it should be a tea for you.


I went to buy it – then found ANOTHER I wanted – then realized I need to NOT spend the money right now SIGH Soon though SOON!


I see what you mean…I went this afternoon in a small tea shop near home because wanted to buy Coquelicot Gourmand of Dammann Frères – they didn’t have it…I went out of the shop with 2 other Dammann Frères teas…


Sounds lovely!


Oh, that sounds so good! I wish I were able to get some here.


It is a special one indeed! I got 50 grams last winter and am going to have to restock.

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I absolutely wanted to buy this tea, because of its history (described in the tea sum up) : I found this very romantic and I adore citrus flavoured teas.

Opening the bag…oh…I was first disapointed because no pieces of fruits here, no flowers…only dry leaf + essential oils.

The perfume of the dry leaf was fine but not exceptional.

I brewed it as requested and magic arrived !
What a wonderful tea, so subtile, delicate with a touch of orange just as we need, not over flavoured and so natural.

Just as if we had some fresh orange juice into an excellent black tea.

We can taste as well some bergamot but a very delicate and soft bergamot.

A beautiful tea, reliable as only an excellent classic tea can be.

Jean Jumeau-Lafond should have loved his wife so much to imagine such a fantastic tea for her…or Mrs Jumeau-Lafond had a fantastic taste and explained exactly what an excellent tea “goût russe” should be …we’ll never know…

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drank Pomme d'Amour by Dammann Freres
408 tasting notes

Today the weather is cloudy, rainy in Paris. Rain is the Automn’s side I don’t like. I was looking for some solace…

I found Pomme d’amour…Toffee apple in English ? The kind of sweet things we can buy in carnival. Let’s go for joy !
On the other hand, each time I see a Pomme d’amour…I think about Snow-White and the very red apple…as attractive as poisoned…

So verdict : Pomme d’amour is a joyful poison (addictive poison !)

To me this tea is closer to oven-baked caramelized apples than Toffee apples – it is really fruity and sweet but natural.

The dry leaf is amazing : very very dry and shinning.
Dammann is generous, a lot of petals and big pieces of apples are mixed with it. The smell is just fantastic.

The color of the infusion is really beautiful and the mix of the 2 black teas (Ceylan + china) is a perfect base to reveal all the flavours , so sweet but always natural.

I love it ! Sure it is a great antidote to the gloom of the Rain.

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I think pomme d’amour is Love Apple in English literally but what you describe is Caramel Apples I think. Oh this sounds very good for a rainy Autumn day!


Une pomme d’amour :http://www.hum-gum.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/pommedamour.jpg
Do you call it Toffee apple, caramel apple, candy apple ? It seems there are a lot of appellations of it in English? am I right or are they different ?


Pomme d’amour is a candy apple in Canada/us I think the toffee apple is britain… C’est toute la meme chose…la friandise donc la pomme est mis sur un baton et est enrober avec la caramel.


There are different coatings, I think your pommes d’ amour are red candy apples the original toffee apple. Then what we see more often now in the U.S. are Caramel Apples (and sometimes with chocolate and nuts or sprinkles on them see www.mrsprindables.com ).


thank you Sil ! So it is- again- a linguistic variation with Great Britain (I worked 8 years for an English company…I remember they were unhappy when I was typing color in place of colour…) Thanks God tea will be always tea :)


This tea sounds delicious. I love the Dammann Freres teas I have tried so far!


thanks Bonnie, amazing apples ! I should come over USA to have a chance to taste these beautiful sucreries


We hit a Rocky Mountain Candy Co. recently that had “cheesecake” caramel apples coated with white chocolate and graham cracker crumbs. Didn’t get much cheesecake flavor … but good gravy, it was so rich, it didn’t matter! (P.S. the tea sounds great!)

Terri HarpLady

This tea sounds tasty! I’ve been drooling over the Damman Freres website recently……


Ah you would be more than welcome everywhere Ysaurella.


This review of yours is making me very curious! I had seen Dammann teas for sale and been curious – the price of tins while not exactly cheap is much more reasonable here than MF or Fauchon or TWG. But the seller has no sample opens and so I never got any. So opinions are so important to help me choose!


@ cteresa
I’ve never had any “bad” Dammann Frères. They are a little bit less expensive than MF on loose tea as well.
To me DF is the only rival to MF regarding quality and taste.
I think you can choice one without problem just taking your taste in teas in consideration regarding the ingredients.


That is good to know, I will try it! normal MF is pretty expensive here, at big department stores hitting close to 20 euros for the normal black tin, though there are a couple places which sell some varities by the weight and that of course is cheaper, 9 euros or something per 100 grams. Not French prices :(

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Thé du Hammam black leaf was in my shopping list for a while.
I bought it yesterday and just made my first cup this morning.

I am a lover of the original green tea and was a little bit concerned by the dates swap to rhubarb in this blend.

I am very surprised and absolutely in love with the black leaf version : the flavours are perfectly balanced and none takes the advantage on the other.

I put too much brown crystal sugar for my first cup and didn’t appreciate the real taste of this tea so I steeped the leaf a second time and it was a revelation : no need of mint to create a fantastic oriental tea (I already known it thanks to the green version but it’s confirmed !)

To be honnest I still miss the dates even if I really love rhubarb.

Black leaf version seems more to be a cousin of the green version rather than his black twin.The green version is more delicate and subtile but I love both and the black version is already now in my top 20 list.

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If this tea was a lipton bagged tea I would have said …nothing…
This is a Kusmi tea and I am almost upset (again) for not loving it.

The dry leaf was already weak and after steeping it is really worst.

It’s a floral tea,ok but it’s supposed to have citrus as well but cannot taste it at all…

Tsar Nicholas II was supposed to drink it every morning …sign of excellence…I won’t have his patience…bye Nicholas I am invited by your daughter to have my favorite Kusmi tea : Anastasia

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Ah, Lipton. I know precisely what you mean!

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Thé des Amants : what a promise ! Amant in French is not Amoureux…It is a little bit more sulfurous…so I was expecting a very strong tea, spicy and sweet.

I sniffed this tea in a shop and adored the perfume : very strong, spicy and fruity …I picked up apple and cinnamon.
However I am always happy to see pieces of fruits mixed with a blend and not only essential oils.

Of course I bought it and brewed it immediatly…

Well…all the flavours were there apple, cinnamon, vanilla (not a very strong vanilla), almond too.

The only problem is with the tea itself : so weak, light-bodied. So light that I came back in the kitchen to read again on the sachet : black tea…oh really ?

That’s a pity because the flavours are very present and nice but I had more the feeling to drink a very good and tasteful tisane rather than a black tea.

So I rebrewed another time with more leaf and steeped it 1 min more but it developped a little bitterness I didn’t like.

Please Palais des Thés, reconsider your recipe and use a stronger-bodied tea base for this one : it could become a very great tea.

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Second note for this tea.More indulgent.

Thé des rois mages was the only tea remaining in my office this morning. Don’t know what I did this week end but simply forgot to refill my empty tins for work.

The dry leaf was promissing as any Kusmi tea : the head note was spicy very spicy (clove I think)
I found this tea too mild the first time, so I added more leaf and left it steep longer this time.
It was better,really better.
But it is supposed to be Xmas tea…and my reference for this is Esprit de Noël de Mariage Frères. Let’s say we are very far from any Christmas Spirit with this one. Still too mild.Lack of perfumes to my opinion.

So I did an heresy…but a typical French sacrilege…I dove my croissant in this tea…not bad !

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Oh, too bad!


oh well this tea sounded good.


well it’s not bad but I am expecting a lot of Kusmi’s teas. Just like a mom not happy with a 10/20 when she knows her child is able to reach a 18/20.
Regarding their price politic, all the marketing they are doing (especially in France)my opinion is they can often do better for a lot of their teas.


We have some of their stuff (at a small gift shop) in my city, but they are marketed and presented poorly so I never paid much attention to them. I’m gonna look forward to your reviews for future reference on what to buy! x

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First, please forgive me for my English and all the grammatical mistakes you’ll find in my posts.
As English isn’t my mother tongue it sometimes makes things more difficult to express cleverly and accurately what I feel.

I was mainly in black flavoured teas, green as well if not bitter.
I’m now drinking much straight teas because my palate is now developed enough to appreciate them .

My favourite brands are : Taiwan tea Crafts, Teavivre, Mariage Frères,Theodor,Butiki Teas,Dammann Frères, Betjeman & Barton.
My ratings are as follow :

100 to 95 : my darlings; always in my cupboard (or very often ! )

94 to 90 : Excellent tea

89 to 80 : very good tea, a pleasure to drink it

79 to 70: not bad even quite nice, why not having it sometimes, but well,it’s not so urgent !

69 to 50 : Meh, deceptive or just not for me – but has some qualities

49 to 30 : I just don’t appreciate it

Under 30 : is this thing supposed to be tea ?!?!?

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