This fellow is quite a strange one not in a bad way but different as expected! The actual bouquet is really nice and thick and just because of this first impression you immediately assume “This must be a long lasting and full thick bodied aged fellow!”

Nah!!! Not really in fact. The taste is very nice but a bit light for this kind of age.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a bad aged Sheng otherwise I would have given it a much lower rating than four BUT I am more into the really thick and full bodied ones this one really got a nice structure especially of mushrooms with a fine sourly astringent note to it and a certain touch of a cardboard taste with a final long fruity echo of very young pears and cheery blossom! The strongest infusions were 1-3 (after one rinse = not counted) the others really turned out very light very quick. I also tried to infuse the 7th one over 4 minutes. It was a bit stronger but not as much as some others tend to be. Good thing = there is really no bitterness at all within this fellow! The main attractions are definitely the entry of the wonderful thick aged medicinal aroma followed by those mushrooms nuances as its main act and the final encore of fruity lightly floral notes!

More Reviews & Photos at https://www.instagram.com/zerozen_artlab/

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I am a tea taster and tea-blog author from Vienna. Since my early Childhood days I was always drawn to East Asian culture especially China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It wasn’t a thing I discovered because of my parents or my environment – it was a thing that started on its own and spread its antennas into nearly every direction what Asian culture could deliver.

I felt in love with their history, movies, Tv-Shows, food, Anime, Videogames, tea culture – nearly everything. 2009 was the first time I visited Japan – it was a feeling of finally being home. Since that time I developed such a passion for tea because tea combines so many aspects I love. Taking photos, writing, Asian culture, the connection to mother nature and its history, the love for craftsmanship (Teaware etc).

Within 2013 I started my teablog called ZeroZen(https://zeroteazen.wordpress.com/) – the first couple of years I only posted content in my mother language German. But within 2016 I discovered Instagram for myself and found the perfect medium for my artistic output which is now completely and exclusive in English ^___~





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