drank Lemon Chiffon by Della Terra Teas
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Another one of my many sample from Della Terra Teas i choose that one as a iced teas try after seeing so many good review but never happen to try it with the cold weather now the taste for iced tea is gone.

So last night I’ve gone out with friends to explore thing that enter the Strictly forbidden to enter old abandoned place category.

The exploring was fun but it was so so cold nearly -5 Celsius ( yeah that not so much for us Canadian but i was not dress for that low temp) after 2 hour of exploring i was cold to the bone and wet from water leak falling from the roof and a heavy headache i got to sleep at the second i enter my room but the damage was already done as i seem when waking up this morning after just 3 hour of sleep and feeling like another cold is on the way.

Searching through my stash for something with Ginger in it i put my hand on that one and said to myself eh why not i feel like drinking lemon. Holding that hot mug with my laptop on me and watching Supernatural while the divine smell getting to my nose is alone comforting i can’t really taste the cream flavor but i don’t really care this morning that one good and may get in my permanent tea stash i try to put in order ( i love sample but still want some everyday tea )

Another cup was in order this one with honey in a vain attempt to help my sore throat ( nothing beat ginger ) the honey do add a good taste and make the other flavor smoother

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Hoping your throat gets better soon!


I love Supernatural! Feel better!

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Hoping your throat gets better soon!


I love Supernatural! Feel better!

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Name is Guillaume or William for the english version of it :p

Reading, movies and music are mostly my only hobby ( they take most of my time but lucky me i can drink Tea when doing all of them ! :D) i am a technology addict and at the same time love old thing ( i shave with a straight razor )

Like most people here i suppose tea as become a obsession really fast how can it not be with so many tea and teaware available? it is a conspiracy i say !

Tea lover for a couple of month now it’s the only hot beverage i can drink ( i hate coffee and the like ) thank to having a DT near my house and to Den’s for the 3$ for tea novice

I’m way behind in my tasting note but it will be done ! Bad note from me does not mean the tea was bad i try to explain what i did not like but that just my opinion I’m no expert on tea i like what i like and that all.

I mostly drink green tea i found black tea to be too bitter for me since i don’t put sweetener in anything flavored black tea are ok if they have something already sweet in it

Rooibos and herbal are ok all depended on the flavor they are

I love most white and oolong just have yet to find one i really like

everyone as different taste but there tea for every taste


Near montreal, Canada

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