47 Tasting Notes


I finally got my Red Leaf Order!! Yay yay!!!!!!!

This was a sample and honestly, you guys can totally bash me on this but I’ve never had eggnog before! I definitely know what it consists of but never tried it or had anything remotely near eggnog. When I first opened the package, it was beautiful! Smells like creamy vanilla and maybe a hint of nutmeg? Anyways, in the package it came with a pamphlet and I literally read everything. It’s really helpful and honestly good internal marketing. With this matcha I decided to make a cold latte. I took a teaspoon of matcha, whisk it with a bit of milk, then it added about a cup of milk and froth it all up. Let me tell you, this matcha is crazy good. Though I tend to like my matcha a little sweeter so I added a bit of vanilla syrup. But all is well I really like this, and I’m glad that my matcha experience went amazing. I do have to say though, I won’t order this particular flavor again, but I can’t wait to try the others!!

Crystal O.

I never had eggnog either.


Well when you guys do try eggnog make sure to add black rum and nutmeg lol

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drank Northern Lights by DAVIDsTEA
47 tasting notes

Yum, this is actually one of my first tea that I ordered from David’s tea. Sadly, I don’t like it as much as I first did but I believe it’s because my tea knowledge has expanded. I actually blended this with strawberry rhubarb parfait tea, and it was really good. Both together has a sweet tangy flavor with spearmint! Yumm yumm

PS I’m really having a hard time on steepster, I keep having to refresh the page, anyone else having this probelm?

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Had this last night, I was actually craving for something sweet and fruity. I made a cup of this, sliced some Gouda, grabbed some crackers. And Walla! Midnight snack! I was actually enjoying my snack while watching the past SNL with Drake, whom is one of my favorite artist:) the episode was actually good, though Drake was an actor before his fame, so that makes sense.


Glad you had a good night! :)

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For the past couple of days the steepster website has been lagging! I keep getting the “Opps, Someone forgot to turn off the kettle” page. I have so much logging to do!!

I had this last night, I really Adore this tea, but Im finding that if I’m drinking it too much it doesn’t have that peppercorn mint hit that I love. I did have to bump the rating down because it’s not the same since the Holidays is over…lol


Me too on the Steepster lagging bit – feeling a little deprived to be honest!

Abby Noelle

Yes! :( it sucks!


Funny, I also notice the decrease in peppercorn punch the more I drink this.

Abby Noelle

Yea, the honeymoon taste is over:( haha

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drank Birthday Cake by DAVIDsTEA
47 tasting notes

Mm I like this tea even more. I’m also craving for a slice of cake. It’s just so good, and sweet, vanilla-y.

I finally got a tracking number for my red leaf that I ordered on Sunday. Does it usually take that long to receive orders from them? I want to order more since I forgot to order the tins for the matcha but I also want to order Della Terra…oh man, the struggle.

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Yum yum, I bummed up the rating because today I really needed it and Ive fallen in love with this tea.

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Well Im home and now have to wait for the boyfriend to arrive home at 9ish to pick him up. I decided to make this tea! I actually never had Earl Grey tea before even though it’s one of those basic teas that people love to drink just like “Breakfast” (Ive never had that before either) I mean Im pretty sure you guys realize that I like flavored tea or unless its something Asian..hah (Stereotyping myself) The dry fragrance to this is divine, bergamot, and vanilla notes, it smells like work, Lush! I would take a bath with this fragrance! I steeped this for 4 minutes, and a teaspoon of german rock sugar. The taste is what I generally expected to taste like, its almost a little orange blossomy, with a vanilla base. I drank a bit to add room for warm milk, and since I haven’t got a new mug yet, I didnt know the ratio of how much milk to put in. though drinking it, seems nice. Honestly, I like it, its basic, its a staple and something I know I’ll crave for randomly.

Crystal O.

I love Earl Greys with a twist (so Cremes, Lavenders, etc) much more than original. I am gonna have to try this one.

Abby Noelle

I’ll give you the rest that I have:)

Crystal O.

aw thank you. ♡♡♡


Ooh, this sounds interesting. I’ve been meaning to pick this one up but haven’t had the means to do so recently. Gonna have to scrape up some money!

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
47 tasting notes

For the many teas I have at home, I don’t have any teas at work in my office! Just this baby here. Though I’m craving for Gold Rush that I can not afford. Lol. Today’s a good day, relaxing and the “Shot Show” convention here in Vegas. I’m listening to Lana Del Rey, and my boyfriend finally comes home today from LA. Though I’m slightly irritated that he told me he was going to be home at 330 and now is telling me he is arriving at 830. I’m off at 7 therefore, I have to go do something for a hour and a half…

Anyways, i like this tea but today, that distinctive David’s black came out…oh well…

Idk if I said it already, but I ordered some Red Leaf tea! I grabbed three types of matcha. I freaking forgot to order the tins for the Matcha though…

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drank Gold Rush by DAVIDsTEA
47 tasting notes

Ive been wanting this tea for the longest time, I knew that I would love it! This came in the Sweet Indulgence Box and I’m sooooooo happy that it was! This tea has this everything I wanted in a tea! Its creamy, sweet, and almost a caramel, almond flavor. My brother pointed out that it almost tasted like an amaretto. I steeped it for about 10 minutes and literally drank a 16 oz mug in 5 seconds because it was so delicious! I cold brewed the rest and cant wait to try it in the morning! This tea is so expensive though, yet it is definitely worth it.
i only have one more serving left so I am definitely cherishing it. I also ate one mulberry after my steep, yumm!

PS if anyone knows a tea that tastes like this and is a cheaper version , please let me know!

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I’m really sad, I wanted to try a new tea and I found out that somebody BROKE my favorite glass mug, something about that mug I can trust that I am capable of making the perfect tea with ratio of water and tea. Also that it is glass, so I can see the color changing, or even adding milk!
So I made this tea knowing I already perfected the time, and somewhat scoops, and using my mom’s mug, it’s just not the same…


aww, hopefully you’ll find a new favorite mug!


Awful, I know what you mean about the perfect mug, perfect ratio.

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Tea-sters !

I currently live in Las Vegas, but born and raised from New Orleans! I have been working at Lush Cosmetics for 3-4 years as a Trainer. My major is Biology and Business hoping to get into Medical School. I do enjoy eating and reviewing restaurants throughout Vegas, going to concerts, and having fun!

I am beginning a new love and hobby for tea, but I guess i haven’t expanded to new teas since my cupboard is mostly Davids Tea and Teavana. I feel as though I don’t have any friends in Vegas that are quite as addicted to tea as I am and I probably don’t know what I’m doing; so any suggestions I would appreciate it!

Feel free to message me!


Las Vegas, NV



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