47 Tasting Notes

drank Cheeky Lychee by DAVIDsTEA
47 tasting notes

I purchased this because I like the blooming lychee, I do like floral teas, and it was on sale!

sad life, it almost tastes like potpourri, I need to play around with this tea, Im not giving up on this. Yet Im probably only saying that because I have 250g of it.
Damn my tea taste is so different from my normal appetite

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so last week Davids Tea had those gifts that were 2 for $40 right? I purchased the Sweet Indulgence box and the Caffeine – Free Box. Both had teas that I was some into and honestly I also just wanted to splurge on myself:) Then I got my box, I didnt realize how small of a sample I get of the different teas! The little tins are so small! You may be get one or two tablespoons of each! I was very disappointed, but at least I have somewhat get to taste certain one. The little tins are cute to keep in your purse too.

Anyways, out of the Caffeine Free Box I grabbed this tea and reading the reviews made me get a craving for Thin Mints. The smell is divine, its sweet but rich, and has hint of mint. it reminds me of Lush’s lip balm Honey Trap. Looking at the reviews; I was aiming to steep it for 4 minutes and 30 seconds…but ended up steeping it at 7…I wasnt too worried because usually Im tolerant to Rooibos.

I was wrong…7 minutes, too freaking long. So after steeping it for that long it smells Medicine-y… :( The taste of course…medicine-y then turns into minty-chocolatey….which tastes good and I get that cool feeling from the mint. But damn, that first taste of medicine sucks, eck…

Im half way through my cup, I should add milk to it but Im in my bed, with my laptop, and my dogs beside me..oh well. I have one more serving for this and I really want to like this tea

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Happy New Year!!

So I didn’t do anything but watch scary movies on NYE and now today is my Monday. I got a Sweet Indulgence box from Davids Tea and saw this little Chocolate Rocket. I wanted to try this first because it says it’s a stimulant and boy do I need the energy. Anyways, this is my first Mate, also, my last experience with Chocolate teas did not go so well….which is surprising, I still drink my coffee, and I was hoping I could find a replacement so I tried CocoBerry…yea…not so well.
Smelling it is divine, chocolate covered raspberries, with a hint of almond nuttiness and that chicory, mm that chicory reminds me of childhood, (New Orleans French Chicory Coffee) since I didn’t know how Mate’s work, I followed the instructions for this tea, and honestly tasting it I could probably steep it longer.

The tastes is really on point, chocolate covered raspberries!! The aftertaste is chicory, I think I like this! Wow, this is different, but good! Hmm I should try this latte style to add creaminess. I think I taste the mate, (remember this is my first mate) it’s very smooth.

Yes I found the perfect way to describe it, you know that candy Ferro Rocher, with the gold wrapper. Exactly like that nutty, rich chocolate, but yet if it had raspberry syrup, oh yes. I think I love this tea…

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I should have read the reviews before work, because I made a cup in my Timolino, and now I have oily stains on the rubber part…ECK. Yet….I can’t be mad at how beautiful this tea is!

Opening the bag intimidated me but the strong smell of peppercorn! The fragrance softens with a creamy, white chocolate and definitely reminds me of what Christmas smells like, strong yet sweet.

I have 50g of this and honestly, I thought I wouldn’t like it, the peppercorns scare the crap out of me, and it has white chocolate. I haven’t had a good experience with chocolate teas yet, they taste like watered down hot chocolate.

Anyways, through my crazy hectic day at work, my break with this tea, is absolutely remarkable…I did had it steeping in my timolino for about 20 minutes but at least it’s a herbal, and let me tell you again….it’s freaking amazing.

Drinking is a bit “a slap on the face” the mint is so strong it tingles the nose. But the taste is calming, the first thing you taste is the white chocolate, it’s creamy, and then finishes off with the peppermint coolness. I always ‘blow the coolness out of my mouth.’ Just like if I was outside in the cold! Lol.
I’m finishing off with a cup, before bed, and I’m definitely happy with this tea. I just ordered 100g more with the 3 for $30 tin.

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drank Northern Lights by DAVIDsTEA
47 tasting notes

So usually, I’m on steepster to review teas before I purchase them, view the discussion boards, and to see different tea companies. But it isn’t fair that I’m not contributing to steepster reviews, so here is my “First” thorough one!

This was probably my second loose leaf tea that I got introduced too. I definitely like it! It smells like fresh peppermint, with a cooling tartness of green apple, and almost an after smell of rasberry tea. The taste reflects the fragrance! Yay! It’s interesting when you first sip it is overwhelmingly minty, yet your mouth squirms of the tartness. The blend is very unique and good tea experience.

I should try cold brewing this…

I used 1.5 tablespoons for a 12oz for 7 minutes. I also use a tea spoon of german rock sugar.

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drank Cocoberry by DAVIDsTEA
47 tasting notes

It smells good, almost like a chocolate covered strawberry, I am new to tea, but I just don’t know…coffee…and fruity….I like both…but together? Eck.

I only had this because I brought the Fall Tea Collection.

Either way it found a new home.

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drank Green & Fruity by DAVIDsTEA
47 tasting notes

Had this before bed. I liked it, it was very sweet and different from the normal berry sweetness.

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Tea-sters !

I currently live in Las Vegas, but born and raised from New Orleans! I have been working at Lush Cosmetics for 3-4 years as a Trainer. My major is Biology and Business hoping to get into Medical School. I do enjoy eating and reviewing restaurants throughout Vegas, going to concerts, and having fun!

I am beginning a new love and hobby for tea, but I guess i haven’t expanded to new teas since my cupboard is mostly Davids Tea and Teavana. I feel as though I don’t have any friends in Vegas that are quite as addicted to tea as I am and I probably don’t know what I’m doing; so any suggestions I would appreciate it!

Feel free to message me!


Las Vegas, NV



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