drank Earl Grey by Taylors of Harrogate
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Oh sweet morning, made all the sweeter by enjoying Mr. Grey! A beautifully caffeinated china black leaf tea with a nice heafty shot of bergamot. I could’ve had a malty assam, or a light ceylon. This morning I wanted some astrigency. I wanted to enjoy a delicious statement of flavor. I think some would be shocked at the amount of sugar I use with my half and half. Oh well, to each his/her own. I give this tea a full five minute steeping. I want the color to show a deeply abyssful dark copper.

Tonight I facilitate another spirit circle. I organize a group of folks in Los Angeles who enjoy working on their psychic mediumship abilities. We look forward to communicating with the deceased, and all of the other lovely heartfelt energies that come through. So I guess I could say I have four favorite loves: Music, Paranormal, Tea, and Cooking. Almost done with the Earl now. I highly recommend this tea if you are a fan of caffeine, serious amounts of Bergamot, and enjoy China black tea. This morning bold is better!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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Intergalactic tea traveler. Will stop this side of the Milky Way for piping hot black tea in a fine bone china cup with milk and sugar. Add a tea sandwich and some sweet morsels and I just might stay a while. Music, Photography, Cooking, Art, Spirituality, and the Paranormal are preferred topics of conversation.

Tea Preferences: ALWAYS loose leaf over bagged fannings or god-forbid, dust. I do bag my own loose leaf, and will resort to pre-bagged black or herbal if I have to. Black tea is always taken with milk and sugar, and herbal may escape the dairy and sweet to thrive on it’s own in the cup on occasion.

Allow yourself the possibility of a life without bagged fannings or dust – and open your heart to all that – that is loose leaf. You’ll immediately discover where ALL the flavor has escaped to. It’s like a universe of flavor you never knew existed. ;)


Los Angeles

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