6 Tasting Notes


This is one of the most amazing teas I have ever tasted. I picked this one up out of curiosity and was completely surprised – it is not at all what you expect. The smell is sweet and floral and almost too strong; but after steeping the tea is simply phenomenal. Delightfully floral, a tad fruity, with just a little heat from the chili. The rooibos base is sweet and marries the all the flavors together with perfection. Simply wonderful! I would drink it at any time of day.

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drank Coconut Assam by Zhi Tea
6 tasting notes

Yum. Very, very strong coconut aroma – I can smell it in my work locker as soon as I open the door! The scent backs off a little once you brew it, but still pretty powerful. It’s ok because I love the way coconut smells. The flavor is sweet, nutty and buttery. Actual piece of coconut in the tea impart a slightly slippery feel… I hesitate to say ‘greasy’ because it sounds negative, but the oils in the coconut bits do come out after a hot steeping. I could see some people put off by it but it doesn’t bother me.

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One of my favorite teas. Nice and warming, not too much cinnamon and fig flavor – just the right amount. Great with a bit of agave nectar.

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drank Zen by Tazo
6 tasting notes

So cheerful and soothing, it makes me happy when I make it at work. Tastes best for me when it’s quite hot, it gets less enjoyable as it cools.

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My first experience with this tea did not go well. Something about all the different flavors made me put it down. I’m going to try it again soon, maybe with some almond milk. I want to like it!

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I had this at the Steeping Room on Lamar in Austin, Texas. It came out the perfect temperature, the aroma was absolutely mouthwatering. A little agave nectar made it dessert in a cup, it was like drinking a slice of cake. Buttery and nutty with strong vanilla. I had to take some home!

Unfortunately, the aroma of the tea in the bag is so overpowering that it almost puts you off drinking it. A very, very situational tea. I can only drink it on rare occasions that I am in the mood for something powerfully sweet. Thankfully the tea itself isn’t as cloying as the leaves. Don’t steep for too long or too hot.

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