drank Dragonwell by Adagio Teas
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I am of two minds about Adagio’s Dragonwell. At first, this tea kept pulling me back to the green side. So distinctive, so nutty, so mellow, and with a singularly flat leaf shape that must have romanced many a wooden-hulled tea-trader in centuries gone by, Dragonwell was the first tea that made me want to extrapolate tasting notes like a wagonized wino — the sort of ever-so-slightly unusual tea, I felt, that implied literary tributes, glamorous odes, maybe even a saucy limerick or two. When I wanted something different, Dragonwell was the tea for which I reached into my disturbingly organized tea cupboard.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered how much Steepsterites hate Adagio’s rendition of Dragonwell! The vitriol, the vitriol: it is enclouding all the drinking water! But I kid, I kid. I am the first to acknowledge my current green tea rank, which is, summarily, “Novice Green Tea Admirer: Ready and Willing to Advance,” so it is now my mission to try another brand’s offering. I shall not give up on you, Dragonwell! I shall solve your bestially-leafed mystery!

P.S. It is disturbing to think that perhaps the flavor I associate with Dragonwell is not really Dragonwell at all, rather like the old philosophical chestnut: “What if what I see as the color orange is not the color you see as the color orange? How would we ever know?” Lucky for me and the dragons, a tea mystery is far more experimentally-based than a philosophical one.

I’ve never been more ready to put together my usual tea-haikus, which are two in number for this well of debated dragons:

Long-bodied, chartreuse,
nutty dragon at the well:
are you déclassé?

Is this Dragonwell
I see before me? Come, let
me clutch another.

(Sorry about that last one, Mr. Shakespeare. Sort of.)

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Ingredients: Deep thoughts, humorous beguilements, cinema and literature and the theater, education and enlightenment and wishful thinking, the dessert course, teacups rife with tea, kittens, pirates, and the letter Q.

Combine all ingredients, adding true love and sweetener to taste. Let marinate. Serve as necessary.

Yield: 1.

Opposite Universe Yield: 2. (Follow recipe as written, then follow recipe backward, separating antonyms of all ingredients. Make sure to protect mind from becoming blown.)

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