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Owner of Tea Society has put together a very discerning group of teas, that must pass many tastings etc. to be admitted. Our goal is to spread the word on all things tea, brewing, easy to be tea, relieve stress in your life.
Our motto Take Some Serenity Time.
Tea is more than just a beverage to us, there are over 103 teas on our tea wall and we would add more if we could. But, we had to stop at some time, not saying I don’t sneak a few in here and there. We have the black, green, white, oolong etc. Fruit Fusions, Herbal, Rooibos, Aryuvedic and Herbals for blending and cooking. Lemongrass, Mint, Lavender, etc.
We cook with tea all the time and share and swap our recipes up on our web site.
We have a retail shoppe, a web site and a wholesale division.
We supply restaurants, spas, medical centers, museums.
We are at the Thomas Jefferson Museum Poplar Forest, and Jekyll Island just to name drop a few. We are proud and humbled to be chosen to represent these fine facilities.
We researched the trade routes during that time frame and we worked with people who have been in the business for combined over 100 years to pick the tea for the museum. We believe in finding the right tea for whichever location we are talking to. Be it a spa, a healing center or a museum. Accuracy in History is most difficult and sometimes the research is long and winding, but we do love that type of work.
It is most interesting and leads us to many paths and to learn much about tea. Though, I strongly believe one will never stop learning. Knowledge is powerful when used for the good of society.

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson drank two cups of green tea every morning with breakfast?

We are steadfast in our devotion to being accurate in our ingredients list, our service to our customers and our caring about health related issues.

I owned and operated The Carrot Restaurant in New York City in 1970+ – the first juice restaurant in Manhattan – now look at the craze.
I think all tea is part of a blooming (forgive the pun) business and the more we can all spread the word and get the population to put down that soda can the better their health.

visit our website and be on the lookout for
The Tea Lady Miss Camellia Sinensis at present she is on Twitter and you will see more of her soon.
She will answer any question straight up!


St. Simons Island Shoppe, Global customer base



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