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I kind of find that with these tulsi teas that the tulsi flavor seems to dominate the whole thing – hence the name haha. But this one seemed to hit a good balance. The natural honeyish taste of chamomile was easy to detect. The vanilla was certainly the star here though, in the best possible way. It only added to the taste and didn’t take over.

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I actually had this tea for the first time in the small town/village of Hita in Kyushu itself. The lady working at the tea vendor was very kind and let me drink a cup or so along with some sort of gelatinous Japanese tea snack. I’ll always associate this tea and maybe gyokuro teas in general with this experience from now on.
I couldn’t get enough so I bought enough to last me a long time back in America. It has a very nice typical gyokuro sweetness but it had a little bit of that sencha grassiness and bitterness in it as well. All around a great tea.

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This marks my second order and review for Red Leaf Tea. Again, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service and amiability of the company. However, I think I made the real mistakes here again. I ordered the Sugar Buster matcha made with white matcha and the “robust” concentration. I have never tried gymnemna before and I probably should have just to feel it out. I just went for broke with this one because I kind of have problems with my sweet tooth sometimes. When I opened the package the smell was very potent, a little bit like mulch. It reminded me of many times where I went to go do yard work with my father. The color was interesting because it was a light brown which is like white tea of course. I didn’t get any white tea smell I think. When I put the water into the matcha bowl, the matcha didn’t quite react the same as other times. It seems like it separated from the water, perhaps it was the herb powder. When I finally tasted it, the taste of the herb was at the forefront of all the tastes, and it was very similar to dirt. It did have some of the subtleties of white tea in the aftertaste however. Overall, I think I should have chosen a green matcha, perhaps of higher quality with a less concentrated flavor of sugar buster.

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Hello all, I am writing this review for Bavarian cream match from Red Leaf Tea. Flavor:Delicate and Organic
I must admit, I’ve always had a bit of a sweet tooth, but lately I’ve been trying to make some changes around the house to be more on the healthy side. I love matcha tea because it’s healthy and it usually quenches my thirst for sweets. This company seemed like a dream come true with all the myriad flavors of sweets that I normally choose to indulge in. This flavor caught my eye as I have had it before. Opening up the package the smell hit me like a freight train hahaha. I could almost just buy it for the smell. I’d had experience making matcha before; so my first preparation was with a traditional chanoyu set. I was surprised to find that the flavor of Bavarian cream was quite weak; much more so than the smell. I absolutely sure my technique was right, so that couldn’t have been it. I’m seriously considering buying more from this company, but next time I’ll get a stronger concentration of flavor rather than matcha. I really look forward to trying another flavor and possibly with the oolong or white matcha. I also want to try out one of the more medicinal types of matcha such as ginseng or ashwagandha possibly. Either way, having an array of so many amazing and nostalgic flavors while getting the great health benefits of matcha sounds like a match made in heaven.

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